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The Yao Family Elder was already desperate, in his opinion the Chen Family was only a small family, even if he taught a lesson to Chen Xiang this one time, the Chen Family would not dare to say anything. Plus, even if the two families went to war, the Yao Family would definitely not lose.

“Shameless old bastard! Its your Yao Family who dont know the immensity of heavens and earth. The Yao Family has already lost face because of you today.” Chen Xiang said in a loud and clear voice which resounded over the whole field.

In their hearts, everyone had already secretly despised the Yao Family. They didnt even admit defeat and now they were also trying to bully the weak. They were relying on their strength and prosperity, regardless of morality and justice they were going to attack Chen Xiang. It was simply too ridiculous!

The Yao Family Elder got more angry. With a howl, his whole body was suddenly covered in fiery-red True Qi. From both of his eyes fire was gushing out and with just one step he appeared in front of Chen Xiang. Both of the Yao Family Elders palms resembled radiant fiery meteors and the strike rushed towards Chen Xiang. Whilst an invisible wall made of the fiery True Qi aura surrounded Chen Xiang.

Those pair of hot palms had not yet hit Chen Xiang, but the invisible True aura had already penetrated Chen Xiangs body. Yet he just stood still with calmness and tranquillity, similar to a mountain even when faced with the scorching flames. Both his fists were overflowing with True Qi, azure light flashing above them. They immediately transformed into tiger heads, and this attack was even bigger than the one that heavily injured Yao Tianhua!

Flames were gushing out from the Yao Family Elders whole body, appearing ferocious like an angry fiery devil, vigorous True Qi gathered around on his pair of skinny palms.

“Old man, actually even against me you are resorting to such a heavy hand! Then Im also not going to be polite!” Chen Xiang suddenly roared like a mad dragon, while azure Qi waves spewed out from inside his mouth. Suddenly, a fierce azure wind started blowing. Within this fierce wind, azure lightning was flashing one after another. At the same time Chen Xiang like a bolt moved towards the Yao Family Elder, that pair of tiger heads fists instantaneously transformed into two solemn and powerful Azure Dragon heads.

The [Azure Dragon Roar] released a fierce wind containing lightning, and it was very powerful. After seeing this, the Yao Family Elder could not help but be surprised, at this time he also saw two giant dragons that were roaring and rushing towards him.

“You brat!!!!!!”the Yao Family Elder was panic-stricken from watching Chen Xiangs violent True Qi rushing towards him.

Both of Chen Xiangs fists met with the approaching Yao Family Elders fire palms. Punching each other away, the palm and fist fiercely collided. Bang! With thunderous sounds and with various flashing lights due to the blast, Qi waves resembled sea waves, as the hurricane like momentum spread in every direction, instantaneously destroying the high stage and even lifted up some of the nearby dining tables and chairs.

Everyone was dumbstruck, unexpectedly a sixteen year old teenager was on par with the Yao Family Elder, moreover he even got the upper hand! Everyone could clearly notice the blood overflowing from the corners of the mouth of the Yao Family Elder.

Although Chen Xiang looked embarrassed and could not bear with it, but he was steadily standing there like a mountain, with uniform breath. Unlike the Yao Family Elder, who was panting. Everyone could see that the Yao Family Elder probably had consumed a huge amount of True Qi to withstand the crazy and fierce attack from Chen Xiang. Chapter 1270: Fell From Pedestal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Hello, Director Ye?”

“Ms. Zhao, you’re calling pretty early. Is there anything you need ?”

“Well, I just wanted to ask when our Yimo should sign the renewal of her contract. Also, Biqin’s commercial! It’s been many days. Logically, it should be time to sign the contract,”

When Ye Ying heard this, she sneered. This Zhao Meixi! How dare she mention this!?

She was the Creative Director of the Lu Corporation headquarters. Everyone in the circle were courteous her, except for Zhao Meixin who used her position to bully others, even going overboard with requests in their time of collaboration. Now that she knew Su Yimo was not even the Big Boss’s woman, she did not need to care to be courteous.

“Huh, Ms. Zhao, I’m very sorry. The double endorsement fees previously requested was really just too outrageous, and Ms. Su’s influence for our products during her endorsement hasn’t been that fantastic, so we’ve already decided to use other artistes. As for Liang Biqin…Ms. Zhao, you know well enough about the online reviews Liang Biqin received for her movie. How could we let a rat’s feces ruin the pot of porridge if we’ve made huge investments in this ad? It’s best to have some self-awareness!”

After she kept it in for so long, she could finally release it all in one breath. Ye Ying had really not given any face to Zhao Meixin.

“You…” On the other end of the phone, Zhao Meixin was about to explode, but she probably remembered that times were different now, so she surpressed her anger and said, “Director Ye, what do you mean? Haven’t we already discussed these things earlier? Yet, now you want to go back on your words?”

It was best if she did not mention it, but now that she did, Ye Ying was more offended. “Without my Boss’s name, you fully know yourself how much your artiste is worth! Our Lu Corporation is not a rubbish hub!” Ye Ying finished and hung up.

At a certain high-end villa in Imperial, for the entire night, Su Yimo, Zhao Meixin, and Liang Biqin did not sleep a wink. Since the night before, they had been coming up with plans and making calls, but the situation had still progressed to such a dire stage.

Zhao Meixin was worried that any delay would bring trouble. The moment it was working hours, she called Ye Ying to talk about the contract, but she never expected this response…

She thought that only Biqin’s commercial gig would not hold up at most, but it never occurred to her that even Su Yimo’s contract renewal was a lost cause.

“How’s it?” Su Yimo asked.

Zhao Meixin looked gloomy as she responded, “That god damned Ye Ying! She’s taking advantage of the situation. Not only did we lose Biqin’s commercial, even your contract won’t be signed…”

“How could this be!? Those people are too much!” Liang Biqin was exasperated.

Su Yimo clenched her fists hard. In just one night, her everything had turned upside down. All those who used to fawn over her were beginning to avoid her.

Ever since she had risen to fame, she was carefully treated everywhere no matter where she went, but now that she had fallen from her pedestal, how could she bear this grief?

Then again, she had forgotten that all of this was never hers to begin with.

When she saw that Su Yimo looked increasingly upset, Zhao Meixin pinched the space between her brows and said, “Yimo, don’t be too sad. Even without Lu Tingxiao, you’re still Glory World Entertainment’s A-lister…”

“Huh, A-lister…” Su Yimo sneered.

What A-lister? Now, she was just a joke in Glory World Entertainment and the entire entertainment industry!

Zhao Meixin knew that without Lu Tingxiao’s halo, their loss was huge. The entertainment industry had strong competition, and Su Yimo was not young. Without any backup, she could be replaced if she was not careful.

No! She had made it to her position with hard work and she would not allow everything to be over just like that!

Zhao Meixin cleared her throat and softened her tone as she leaned closer to Su Yimo and advised, “Yimo, we must move on. The situation’s already like this. The most important thing is to quickly think of a resolution. I’ve just helped you set a dinner appointment. It’s with Rong Xin Real Estate’s boss…” Chapter 1271: Who Else Are You Remaining Your Chastity For?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Who would have thought that before Zhao Meixin could finish, Su Yimo flew into a terrible rage?

“Zhao Meixin! What do you mean?! Are you treating me like those women who sell themselves in the entertainment industry?!”

As soon as Su Yimo finished, Liang Biqin instantly looked upset.

What did she mean by “women who sell themselves”? Before this, she had slept with the director and investors many times to maintain her relationship with them. Was she just a woman who sold herself in her eyes while Su Yimo remained pure herself?

Zhao Meixin was upset but she suppressed her emotions and continued, “Yimo, look at you. Hasn’t the entertainment industry always been like this? You’ve been in it for so long. Don’t you understand? I’ve just gotten news that the commercial has gone to Ning Xi. Even the endorsement might be taken away by her. Guo Qisheng’s latest production has also booked her to be the female lead. If you still don’t open up, you’ll soon be stepped on by her, then you’d really be done for!”

Su Yimo bit her lip as her expression darkened. “No, I will not entertain that disgusting old man!”

From Lu Tingxiao to Sun Zhanpeng, that 50-odd-year-old man with a huge belly and perverted appetite…she could not take it!

Liang Biqin could not help but mutter, “Cousin, Lu Tingxiao’s already dissociated himself from you publicly. Who else are you remaining your chastity for?”

“You! How dare you!?” Su Yimo slapped her.

Now, even Liang Biqin dared to speak to her like that.

Liang Biqin looked miserable as she held her face in shame. She roared back, “Am I wrong? That’s what happened! Why can I do it but you can’t!? Do you think you’re still that high-up lady boss of the Lu Corporation!? Lu Tingxiao doesn’t even fancy you, yet you still pretend to be all virtuous. Do you expect all of us to die with you?”

She had previously been treating her cousin like the queen, being her little minion, but now she did not even dare to leave her house. All of the fantasized glory and wealth were all gone!

“Stop fighting!” Zhao Meixin frowned. “Yimo, Biqin’s words don’t sound pleasant, but she’s just telling the truth. CEO Sun obviously can’t compare to Lu Tingxiao, but how many in the circle can get to such a high position at a young age like Lu Tingxiao did?”

Su Yimo felt her body tremble as her eyes were bloodshot. She said coldly, “Who said that I must personally sleep with him to get on Sun Zhanpeng’s good side?”

“You’re saying…” Zhao Meixin was muttering to herself.

“Didn’t we hear that Sun Zhanpeng was interested in Ning Xi too?” Su Yimo said with a sinister tone.

“I heard about that too. At a charity banquet, Sun Zhanpeng had gone up against another tycoon for Ning Xi!” When she said this, she thought about the rich fan that had spent $ 100 million to curry her favor and Zhao Meixin was a little envious.

If Su Yimo had Ning Xi’s looks, it was possible to get close to any bigwigs! Even seducing Lu Tingxiao would be very likely.


Liang Biqin was attracted by this idea as well. “Cousin, you’re saying…send Ning Xi to Sun Zhanpeng? But Ning Xi is very cunning. I’ve never heard her have any relationships with any tycoons despite being in the industry for a while now. She’s probably waiting on a good offer for solid support. It’s not that easy…”

Zhao Meixin shook her head while something flashed in her eyes. “Not necessarily!”

Now that Su Yimo’s popularity had hit rock bottom, even if they looked for Sun Zhanpeng now, he might not buy the deal, and might even take them lightly. If they could figure a way to help Sun Zhanpeng get Ning Xi, it would double the effect…

Zhao Meixin’s head started to be full of ideas. Coincidentally, there was a great opportunity happening soon! This would determine whether they could make a comeback or not!

In Su Yimo’s current situation, she needed to get stable backup as soon as possible. Chapter 1272: I’ll Go And Get You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A few days later, at a holiday resort in Imperial, the Vice President of Glory World Entertainment had organized a dinner. He invited numerous investors and partners to attend the function.

Of course, there were several famous artistes there, and Ning Xi was one of them.

Usually, important dinners like this would be a competition among the top artistes. Ning Xi would surely not be able to have this chance, but Xu Yidong had invited her specifically. Apparently, he wanted her to be more prominent now.

As for Su Yimo, the incident from the anniversary night had died down a little, so after some thought, Yi Xudong still invited her in the end. They had invested too many resources on her and could not just let it go to waste.

Throughout the night, the investors, who were usually focused on Su Yimo, had been putting their attention on the rising star, Ning Xi.

“I didn’t expect that Ms. Ning would look even more beautiful than she does in the movies!”

“I was wondering which artiste was so amazing to turn a few million dollar project into $ 3 billion revenue! It’s your artiste after all, Mr. Yi!”

“Hahaha…no wonder CEO Sun couldn’t forget about her!”

“Haha, it’s normal for a gentleman to like beautiful ladies!” Sun Zhanpeng touched his chin and looked at Ning Xi with a wicked gaze.

Usually, he would have laid his hands on his victim already, but he was oddly civil tonight although he could not hide the wild intentions in his eyes.

He had been hinting to Su Yimo that he wanted to have a taste of what Lu Tingxiao’s woman felt like, but she had rejected him. Now that everyone realized she was totally unrelated to Lu Tingxiao, he had wasted all his resources spent on her earlier.

Oh, well, that woman promised him a big “gift” tonight!

Recently, Yi Xudong had been facing immense humiliation because of Su Yimo, but now that he saw that Ning Xi was being highly praised by his partners, he felt pleased. “Ning Xi sure has potential, but of course, it was all thanks to everyone’s support! I hope that our relationship can still continue!”

When Ning Xi first returned, she was not really used to events like these, but now she was able to handle it perfectly. She shared a toast with Yi Xudong. The way she carried herself was great as well, so Yi Xudong was very contented.

Liang Biqin stared at Ning Xi while stabbing the piece of beef on the plate with her fork. Su Yimo remained silent with hatred in her eyes.

Wait until the whole world sees your nude pictures with that disgusting old man Sun Zhanpeng! I’ll see what you will do then!

If this big news blew up, her embarrassing incident at the anniversary would soon be forgotten…

“I’ll go to the washroom!” Ning Xi left her seat politely.

Liang Biqin then hinted to the waiter near her. The waiter nodded and he refilled the drinks in Ning Xi’s glass. At the same time, he mixed in some powder from his palm without anyone noticing…

In the washroom, Ning Xi’s phone rang. It was Lu TIngxiao.

Ning Xi’s mask was removed instantly. “Hello…”

“Is it over?” The man asked.

“Nope, but it should be soon!”

“At Dragon Leap Club?


“Let me know when you’re done. I’ll go and get you.”

“Okay!” Chapter 1273: You Won’t Die If You Don’t Ask For It

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Xi returned to her seat pretty quickly.

As she sat down, Liang Biqin straightened her back and Su Yimo tensed up as well. They were secretly looking over at Ning Xi’s direction.

Ning Xi glanced at the filled up glass in front of her, then she held it up slowly and placed it on her palm.

But after some time, Ning Xi did not drink it. Liang Biqin and Su Yimo were starting to get impatient.

When Ning Xi was out of the country, she had been imitating how First Senior Brother did it. They just drank it all in one shot. When she came back, she could not really adapt to the culture in the entertainment industry and was drugged several times. She would never make that kind of mistake again…

It was an unspoken rule that one should never drink any alcoholic drink after you leave your seat unattended, especially in a club or a dinner like this as you would never know if it had been drugged.

Moreover, both Liang Biqin and Su Yimo were here…

She would be an idiot if she drank it!

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