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The period of smack talk came to an end as the sound of winds echoed. The two of them charged at each other nearly simultaneously!

At the same time, golden beams of light lit up from their bodies as they activated the power of Sword Truth!

Shi Xiaobai looked at the golden light from Speechless’ body as a sneer suffused across his lips.

This was not his Sword Truth!

Or it could be said, it was not Sword Truth at all!

“You can only replicate moves!”

Shi Xiaobai roared loudly and by attacking with both swords as one, he slashed them at Speechless!

Sword Truth was the sublimation of Sword Intent. It was the path of enlightenment that one’s sword pointed in. It was a swordsman’s understanding of swords!

Speechless was only able to replicate sword moves, sword beams, sword shapes, but he could not replicate Sword Intent or Sword Truth!

The golden light was just a superficial imitation!

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai did not use any sword moves for this strike, not did he slash out any sword beam!

This was a strike that was augmented purely by Sword Intent, as well as the essence of concentrated Sword Truth!


The four swords clashed violently as energy spewed in all directions, blasting the surrounding air as dust flared into the air. A deep pit sunk into the ground.

The two experienced the repulsive forces of the collision, but neither of them retreated. Instead, they both took a step forward!

At this moment, it was a contest of strength. Whoever retreated first would suffer an abject defeat.

The two was deadlocked for a moment.

Shi Xiaobai said in a heavy tone, “So that’s the case. Disguising Sword Truth is also Sword Truth. Is this your Sword Truth?”

Speechless had also used a pure and concentrated Sword Truth as well. However, the power of his Sword Truth was different from Shi Xiaobai’s. The strike looked like an imitation, but it was only imitating the move. The core strength still belonged to Speechless.

Speechless said with a chuckle, “It’s just Sword Truth. This Emperor gained insights into it at the age of eight. People call Sunless Ye the number one genius in the way of the sword among the younger generation, but it’s only because This Emperor doesn’t use a sword.”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent. This person was great at posturing, but Speechless did have the ability to posture.

With the deadlock at that moment, Shi Xiaobai had no way to withdraw. He could only inject more power. Whoever had the strength to repress the other would gain access to a great advantage.

Speechless said with a laugh, “Shi Xiaobai, you are really good. Among peers that This Emperor has seen, you can be considered one of the best. Unfortunately, you are still weaker than This Emperor!”

Shi Xiaobai said with a chuckle, “Defeat This King before you brag any further!”

Speechless shook his head and laughed. His lazy-looking eyes suddenly flashed a look of seriousness.

Shi Xiaobai grinned as his eyes burned with fighting spirit.

The two were in a stalemate, but they apparently had tricks up their sleeves.

It was a problem about who to attack first and when they would attack.

This was because the first person who made the move would end up being in a passive state.

They were waiting, waiting for the moment their opponent lost their patience to attack!

At this moment, a gust of wind howled!

A hard tail made of rock swung at an extremely fast speed at them!

Shi Xiaobai’s pupils slightly contracted. The stone dragon had taken this opportunity to sneak an attack!

At this moment, any one of them could defend against the dragon’s tail if they withdrew their power, but the person would end up being injured by the opponent’s power!

The stone dragon had chosen a moment to make an extremely cheap shot!

However, why?

Why was the hurling of the dragon’s tail aiming straight at Speechless?

… Satan’s soul escaped once again. Although Xiu wanted to completely obliterate him right now, Shen Yanxiao’s situation did not allow him to delay any more.

“Mini Dragon is the son of the Wing of Death. It called the Wing of Death to this world relying on the power of Little Xiao. If the Wing of Death doesn’t go back to his own world soon, the power of Little Xiao will be completely exhausted by the Wing of Death!” Shen Siyu clutched his chest and looked at Xiu.

Shen Yanxiao’s dou qi and magic were almost endless, but even so, she couldn’t stand the consumption of the Wing of Death.

Xiu immediately flew over to the Wing of Death with Shen Yanxiao in his arms.

It only had been less than two minutes since the Wing of Death appeared, but all the demon beasts outside The Rising Sun City were turned into ashes.

Everyone watched with a foolish look.

“King of the phantom dragons, she can no longer bear your consumption. Please, I beseech you to be magnanimous. Today’s things, I also want to express my grat.i.tude.” Xiu calmly looked at the king of the phantom dragons.

“My arrival today is to listen to my child’s call. That person and my child have a deep fate, I will not let something happen to her.” The voice of the Wing of Death echoed again in the sky. As its voice dissipated, the figure of this phantom world’s king also gradually scattered and disappeared into the clouds.

The clouds in that area densely covered the Barren Land. Mini Dragon fluttered its wings and fell on Xiu’s shoulders, then it bowed its small head and looked down at the sleeping Shen Yanxiao.

Because of the appearance of the Wing of Death, the beast tide had been completely taken care of. Anywhere outside The Rising Sun City, one could no longer find a single demon beast.

From now on, the horrifying beast tide would completely withdraw from the stage of history.

They finally won this battle; the people of The Rising Sun City and the demons shouted loudly. They could not believe that they had really survived this fierce battle.

This battle had cost them too much.

They wouldn’t be able to forget this in their lives.

Xiu gently put a kiss on Shen Yanxiao’s forehead and instilled his divine power into Shen Yanxiao’s body.

Shen Yanxiao quietly woke up, and the face of Xiu was immediately reflected in her eyes.

“Xiu…” Shen Yanxiao called in a hoa.r.s.e and soft voice.

“I’m here.” Xiu painfully looked at Shen Yanxiao. He had been sleeping because of the consumption of his power used to restore the Tree of Life. He knew that he was only able to slowly wake up because Shen Siyu’s divine power had been absorbed into Shen Yanxiao’s heart lake. When he woke up and saw Satan’s attempt to kill Shen Yanxiao, that scene brought him a great deal of fear.

“Vermillion Bird… Vermillion Bird is dead…” The rim of Shen Yanxiao’s eyes were red. She clutched Xiu’s collar and buried her face, and cried at the top of her voice.

Apart from Xiu, Vermillion Bird was the one who had accompanied her the longest; hence, she was unable to accept the death of Vermillion Bird.

Vermillion Bird was dead, and a piece of Shen Yanxiao’s soul was missing.

Xiu gently patted Shen Yanxiao’s back, his eyes looking behind Shen Yanxiao.

“I don’t think Vermillion Bird is dead.” Xiu said.

“What?” Shen Yanxiao raised her head, surprised.

Xiu guided Shen Yanxiao with his line of sight. Shen Yanxiao turned her head around and saw the Phoenix couple who had unknowingly approached.

In each of the two’s embrace lay a sleeping red furry magical beast.

“My Phoenix family has the ability to resurrect by bathing in fire. The reason why our child went to die with Vermillion Bird is to use its power to let Vermillion Bird be reborn. Now, Vermilion Bird and that child have merged their spiritual forces in Nirvana; they are still alive.” The female Phoenix’s eyes contained tears. She handed over the small Vermillion Bird in her arms to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the sleeping mini Vermillion Bird in her arms with tears. Thanks to Little Phoenix’s desperate and brave action, Vermillion Bird’s life was able to be preserved in the end.

The Phoenix’s Nirvana Fire combined the spiritual forces of Little Phoenix and Vermillion Bird, but rather than a real fusion, it was better to say that a spiritual link had been established between them.

Shen Yanxiao hugged the small Vermillion Bird and looked at Little Phoenix in the male Phoenix’s arms. This small bird that was going through Nirvana was obviously bigger, and its flaming feathers were similar to Vermillion Bird’s.

“Although, rather than saying they merged, it’s more similar to the contract between a magical beast and a human being. This child and Vermillion Bird have established a spiritual connection and can maintain contact with each other using their spiritual power in the future. And in the process of Nirvana, the flame of Vermillion Bird has had some influence on the little one, which will make the child’s flame control in the future stronger than the ordinary Phoenixes.” The male Phoenix was calm. Little Phoenix’s death was also a blessing in disguise. Nirvana was a feature that not every Phoenix could trigger at the time of death.

Little Phoenix’s success at this first attempt was likely to be related to its dependence on Vermillion Bird.

Although Little Phoenix was still small and young, its heart had already treated Vermillion Bird as its own relative. Only by having the determination to die could the rebirth through fire be triggered.

“Everything is fine, everything is fine.” Shen Yanxiao choked with sobs as she nodded her head. Vermillion Bird and Little Phoenix were still alive; this was the greatest comfort to her.

Perhaps because the ups and downs of her mood were too violent, and perhaps because the Wing of Death had consumed too much of her power, Shen Yanxiao, whose heart was finally calmed, fell asleep in Xiu’s arms.

Xiu bowed his head and kissed Shen Yanxiao’s forehead. He took over her place and completed the final task of this battle.

Two consecutive wars had brought an unbearable blow to The Rising Sun City.

The lower demons had been reduced to one-twentieth their original number, and the amount of middle demons had fallen even more. Even the higher demons were now only half of their original number.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps lost more than twenty of their comrades, and the villagers who escaped from the Sun Graveyard with Uncle Jiu had also suffered heavy casualties.

The battle was undoubtedly fierce, but after these two battles, the ferocious name of The Rising Sun City would be spread to every corner of the Radiance Continent.

No one in the four countries would be willing to provoke this terrifying group of people again.

Xiu released Jiang Wan, Elder Wen and Shi Heng. The three commanders in the dungeon had already heard the endless roars of the demon beasts outside. When they walked out of The Rising Sun City and saw the countless corpses piled up into mountains outside the city, they burst into tears.

“Your people will be given a certain treatment in The Rising Sun City; afterwards, you will leave right away. Whether you will honor your promise, we don’t care. Only, if any of you, no matter which country, try again to set your hands on The Rising Sun City, then this city will turn out in full strength and destroy that country.” Qi Xia issued the final ultimatum to Jiang Wan and all others in accordance with the instructions of Xiu.

Jiang Wan and the other two heard of the fierce battle from the mouth of their soldiers. Jiang Wan and Shi Heng admired Shen Yanxiao from the bottom of their hearts. She clearly could have let the soldiers of the four countries stand at the front to die, but she didn’t use her position to get even with them for a private grudge.

“Please thank Lord Shen on my behalf. I, Shi Heng, sincerely promise that as long as I am still alive, the Divine Wind Alliance will never encroach upon any piece of land under the hands of Lord Shen.” Shi Heng was thoroughly overwhelmed by Shen Yanxiao’s character and strength.

“After I return to our country, I will tell this to the emperor. I believe that the emperor will definitely understand this clearly.” Jiang Wan also showed his att.i.tude.

Only Elder Wen was dull and speechless. All the wounded were being treated and all the soldiers were in recuperation.

Within a day, The Rising Sun City went through two battles. When night fell, people could still not erase the feeling of being struck with fright from the bottom of their hearts.

They silently lowered their eyes and mourned for their lost comrades.

This night was extremely heavy for everyone in The Rising Sun City.

They lost their friends, lost their brothers; they had lost too much.

No one would cheer for such a victory. If possible, they would rather it had never happened.

Shen Yanxiao lay unconscious on the bed, without any trace of blood on her pale, small face.

Xiu and Shen Siyu stood by the bed and their eyes were solemn.

“The depletion of Little Xiao’s power is too serious. I don’t know when she can wake up.” Shen Siyu’s face was also pale and the backlash of his power had caused him serious internal injuries, but he had no time to take care of his own problems.

Lying in bed, Shen Yanxiao was holding the sleeping, small Vermillion Bird in her hands. Even while unaware, she was not willing to let go of this companion who chose to take part in her life and death.

Xiu sat silently by the bed; his slender fingers uncovered Shen Yanxiao’s forehead, then a faint glow was pa.s.sed from his palm to Shen Yanxiao’s body.

“You just woke up; it will consume your power…” Shen Siyu was a little worried.

Although Xiu was powerful, in the end, he was still in a soul state, and for Xiu to have restored the Tree of Life, it definitely required a great deal of effort. Under such tremendous consumption, Shen Siyu actually did not think that Xiu could wake up in such a short time.

“I’m fine.” Xiu faintly replied, watching Shen Yanxiao with eyes filled with heaviness.

Taotie and Lan Fengli came from outside the house, holding a pile of potion bottles in their hands.

“Master Ye Qing said that my master needs these things.” Taotie’s eye sockets were red. As a foodie, everything that he had experienced today made him lose his appet.i.te for the first time.

The tragic death of Vermillion Bird, the unconscious state of Shen Yanxiao; these were simply too heavy for this simple-minded magical beast.

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