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However, how strong was he to be able to tear apart a void crack with his bare hands?

At this time, he was staring at the gradually fading scene of the chaotic battle in puzzlement, as if his heart was being tangled in twine.

“Where is this?” Ye Qingyu asked puzzledly.

The scene before him was not completely gone, and instead seemed to have switched to another place. The matchless figure re-appeared in a completely unfamiliar domain.

This domain was like a desolate jungle, looked primitive, barren, with sand rolling, and yellow clouds that filled the sky.

This scene made Ye Qingyu sigh.

From a scene where the world was fighting for supremacy to a barren and desolate domain. What happened to the matchless figure?

Why would he be attacked by foreign races again and again?

In the light screen.

The next scene was no longer linked, just some broken and scattered memories.

The first scene was the wounded and very weak matchless figure encountering a group of nomadic people in a desert.

And the second scene was the matchless figure in the tent of the group of nomads. There were also several young martial artists of the Human Race chatting and drinking merrily.

“It seems that, it was them who saved him…” Ye Qingyu said thoughtfully.

Then the next scene appeared. Under the starry night, the daughter of the leader of the group of nomads rested her head on the shoulder of the matchless hero…

In other words, the matchless hero in this domain not only gained friendship, but also met love…

Ye Qingyu, through the ever-changing scenes, guessed what this matchless figure had experienced.

The next few images flashed by very quickly.

If Ye Qingyu had not paid fixed attention, concentrated with his divine sense, he most likely would have missed some information.

In the fragments of scenes before, the matchless figure was already seriously injured, exhausted. In the next few scenes that flashed across, he had gradually restored his strength.

But during this long recovery, he married the daughter of the leader of the group and had a child, and created many systems and rules in that originally barren domain. The Human Race gradually expanded and many experts and masters were cultivated, and as a result he gained incredibly prestige…

The scene was suddenly blurred again at the scene of the growing number of people and the developed cities and towns in the domain.

Ye Qingyu stretched out two fingers, gently rubbing his temples, and slowly breathed out.

Such a long time of concentrating his divine sense had made him a little fatigued.

After a moment.

Suddenly there was a flash of brilliance in the light screen.

Slightly closing his eyes to rest, Ye Qingyu’s eyes suddenly shot wide, carefully looking toward the light screen.

“Bamboo grove…” Ye Qingyu knitted his brows in puzzlement.

The domain in the scene seemed to be the previous barren world. However, this time there were mountains and water flowing across, and the world seemed to have been injected with new life force and vitality.

There were not only fertile fields and forests, but also clans and towns formed of the Human Race.

And as the scene changed gradually it came to a stop under the shade of a faint bamboo forest.

Two black, gold-plated, robed figures came into Ye Qingyu’s view.

“It’s the matchless expert and his wife…”

The rear view of the matchless figure in the scene looked a little lonely, and with the intent to leave.

While the beautifully and gracefully dressed woman who faintly exuded majesty looked sad. On her blurred face, there were beads of clear tears, like a broken necklace of pearls, constantly falling onto her lapel and the grass.

“What about the baby?” Ye Qingyu said puzzledly.

He remembered in a scene that previously flashed across in which the matchless expert and the daughter of a tribe were married with a baby in their arms.

This scene was evidently a scene of farewell. The matchless expert suddenly exerted strength, leaping into the sky. The rear view of him standing in the void gave off a hint of loneliness, a reluctance to part, but even more, a silent determination.


At the end of the void in the scene, a space-time crack was forcibly ripped open by the matchless expert. He did not turn his head back, and did not hesitate, disappearing in the cracks with a flash…

The scene on the light screen also dimmed…

After that Ye Qingyu waited for several moments, but only the rippling light screen remained. There was no longer any scenes appearing…

Why did the matchless expert have to leave?

Why didn’t his wife go with him?

The baby in their arms was their child?

Where did the child go?

Too many mysteries filled Ye Qingyu’s mind. At this moment it was as though he had fallen into a pool filled with algae and was completely bound.

All this, what was it telling him?

Ye Qingyu again gazed at the halo of light emitted by the medal, but it seemed to have fallen into a strange silence. There was not the slightest of change happening.


A long silence.

Ye Qingyu stood tall and upright, motionlessly where he was. It seemed that even his breathing could not be heard.


An hour passed.

He still remembered all the scenes that appeared in his divine sense.

Like there was a spinning lantern in his head, the fragments of the scenes were playing back again and again.

Ye Qingyu was like a person who couldn’t swim, who had suddenly fallen into the ocean.

He seemed to have caught something, but there was nothing caught in his hand.

Another half an hour past.

He began to recall the time he was struck by heavenly lightning, which left him seriously injured and unconscious for a period of time. Yu Junhan said something to him back then.

“If what she said is true, then Yu Junhan should be the daughter of the leader of the tribe, who later on became the princess of the Human Race…”

In the midst of thousands of strands, Ye Qingyu seemed to have finally grasped a little trace.

“It is highly possible that the Human Race tribe was the most primitive Yu clan… And the Yu clan, with the help of that matchless figure, rose in their domain… In other words, the current Heaven Wasteland Domain…”

It was as though a faintly discernible, narrow stone path had gradually appeared within the layers upon layers of fog. Ye Qingyu was taking small steps at a time, cautiously and carefully moving forward, in case he missed something, or lost the real path to follow–

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If, as Yu Junhan had said, he really was her son, then that also meant that he was the son of the matchless figure… But why did he abandon him and his wife, and leave Heaven Wasteland?

In this step, Ye Qingyu still had not figured everything out. He also dared not to dig any deeper, jump to conclusion, in case he made a mistake.

Even if he was confused, it was better than thinking wrongly and cause misunderstanding…

“What, the parents in my childhood memories, what is going on…” Ye Qingyu recalled his time in the Ye residence of Deer City, thinking about his parents who carefully and patiently taught him everything and loved him dearly.

His mouth was slightly curved in an imperceptible smile.

He thought of those warm and peaceful years, as well as his mother’s smiling face.

The memories suddenly came to the time his parents were wounded and their breathing was faint and weak.

Father, at his last breath, had told him to bring the medal to the imperial offering temple of the Imperial Ancestral Land to find the answer, but the scenes still did not uncover all the mysteries.

Ye Qingyu sighed softly again.

The scenes that he just saw, not only had not solved the mystery of his life, but instead made him more puzzled and his thoughts more chaotic.

He drew several deep breaths, trying to activate the nameless breathing technique to calm his mind, and sort out his thoughts. But these complex clues were like a tangled mess in his mind. No matter what angle he thought from, he still had no idea.

Before his father’s death, he clearly had said that the truth was here.

But now…

“Could it be that there are other clues in the temple?” Ye Qingyu suppressed his irritation and again carefully investigated the entire temple.

In the empty inner room there was nothing but the cold, dark stonewalls.

After a round of inspection, he still gained nothing new.

Half an hour went by.

“It seems that… There is no answer or clue…” Ye Qingyu was disappointed.

He shook his wrist, and the drop of blood that was previously dropped onto the stone table immediately rose from the stone table and flew back into his palm.


The stone table in front crumbled, a pile of blue stones scattered across the ground, and everything returned to the state exactly as before.

The medal leisurely floated above his head, its brilliance fading, only a weak yellow-orange colour halo of light was being issued.

Ye Qingyu turned away from the offering temple.


In Light City.

It was getting late. The red sunset clouds today were a rare spectacle.

Half of the sky was still clear, blue as water, and the other half was covered with clouds, like cotton splattered with blood, dying half the sky red.

Ye Qingyu fed some of the dew fruits to the crane. The crane seemed to sense his complex thoughts, and rested his head on the side of his ear for a while.

When the last glimmer of light at the horizon faded, and a dark blue colour gradually wiped across the sky, he took the crane to the Light soldiers camp for it to rest, and then he turned around alone, transforming into a stream of silver light and returned to Light Palace.

That night was surprisingly quiet.

In Light City there was only the gentle rustling of fire leaves. No one came to bother the people in the Light Palace.

In the Light Palace.

Ye Qingyu was sitting cross-legged on the jade stone bed.

A gentle glow was exuding slowly from the stone bed, gradually and softly wrapping around him.

He closed his eyes. All the clues and thoughts were crazily spreading like vines, uncontrollably pouring into Ye Qingyu’s divine sense. Breathing in and out, and consolidating and upholding his energy, he arranged these thoughts. The nameless breathing technique was repeated ten times, until his mind was gradually settled down.

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