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His body would get destroyed in an instant.

The same for movement skills as well.

Skills that could move through the void were extremely rare and for the distance he needed to travel, it would require a lot of mastery.

He had no way of raising the mastery of the skill within those short moments before the explosion.

So the answer was fixed.

Hansoo spoke towards the Fairy.

“Give me the higher skill of the Seven Strands Spear.”

Solo numbering 5, Seven Strands Spear.

A destructive weapon with the highest power.

According to what he knew, there was no attack skill that had a higher destructive force than the Seven Strands Sper.

A finishing move that gathered a tremendous amount of mana, that even Metiron had a struggle controlling despite the Mana Jade, compressed it into seven beams of light to fire.

But this wasn’t enough.

He needed something stronger.

He needed an ultimate skill that could destroy this Gael-Tara surrounding him and create a hole in it.

Something that was beyond a solo numbering, something that people didn’t know about yet.

The fairy didn’t even falter as it smiled and spoke.

“Hmm…So you want a skill that could allow you to escape this situation right? A skill with that much destructive power?”

Hansoo nodded but made a slightly nervous expression.

The liquid metal surrounding him was numerous tens of times stronger than the Satellite Fortresses.

So much that it could withstand the ridiculous amount of pressure applied by the depths of the mercury-like Silver Sea without even breaking a bit.

He needed to penetrate hundreds of meters of this in an instant.

‘Would there really be a skill like this?’

Maybe within the Abyss but there wasn’t anything that his body could withstand using as of now within Hansoo’s experience and memories that fit that description.

But the Fairy surprisingly gave a positive answer.

“Oh. Nice. There’s something just right for you. The thing I will give you is…The Nine Dragons Spear.”

“Nine Dragons Spear?”

Nine Dragons Spear.

He had never heard of such a skill before.

Even before Hansoo’s confusion dissipated.

The fairy spoke.

“A skill created from compiling things a martial artist in a certain Zone had comprehended right before death.”

“A martial artist…”

The fairy smiled at Hansoo’s mumbles and then spoke.

“He was really an amazing person. Since I’ve given it to you, do well with it ok? If it’s you Hansoo then… The strongest bounty hunter You’ll be fine. Well we’ll see each other soon if you survive anyway heheh! Be strong!”

The Fairy disappeared into the void leaving behind those words.

And Hansoo just laughed at the Fairy’s words.

‘Well. Giving it to me was indeed enough. Anyway it’s a bit suspicious.’

You’ll be fine…

It was suspicious that the fairy just left without many explanations but there was nothing he could do.

Since he couldn’t really do anything about it or anything.

And since the fairies didn’t scam anybody or anything, the effect of the skill would be quite marvelous.


Hansoo looked over his body for a moment, nodded and then walked out from the control room which was now boiling even on the inside.

The other locations had long been liquified from the heat.

‘I don’t have much time.’

He needed to get out of this place.


Hansoo readied the skill that had appeared within his body.

Nine Dragons Spear.

If the Quintuple Beam gathered five energies to attack and the Seven Strands Spear gathered the seven colored lights to attack then the Nine Dragons Spear went a step further.

Gather nine dragons onto the tip of the spear.

Then pierce the enemy.

An ultimate one- shot-one-kill-type skill.

As soon as the skill was activated.


Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love The Mana Jade went berserk and the mana started to get burned.

The mana resembled a dragon as it swept past his heart and rolled around his entire body, got sent out through his hand and then coiled up the Forked Lightning by following the skill’s lead.


The skill started to forcibly squeeze out the mana from Hansoo’s body.

No, it wasn’t just the mana.


The skill got activated and dragons coiled around his body causing a change.

The whole structure of his body creaked as it started to bend.

Just to perform a single skill,




Hansoo exclaimed as he felt the dragon rolling through the insides of his body and causing his entire body to change by twisting and breaking the structures forcibly.

‘…This is a skill that puts both the body and one’s mana under strain.’

The Mana Jade felt pressured as a tremendous amount of mana was drained for every dragon and it started to pour out an even larger amount of mana by spinning insanely.

The silver liquid from the Body Enhancement Surgery and the Dragon Essence Blade tried their best to maintain the body that was creaking and twisting from breaking apart.

In order to support the vitality needed for the skill, the three hearts started to beat crazily and pumped.

All this energy, for just a single attack, got sucked into the dragon that was sweeping through his body.

He suddenly felt pain that was comparable to when the liquid metal inside his body hadn’t settled after he received the Body Enhancement Surgery in the past.





Every time a dragon appeared on Hansoo’s spear the pressure being exerted on Hansoo’s body multiplied.

Like being squeezed in from pressure from all around deep under the sea.

But the number of dragons on the Forked Lightning still continued to rise.


Surprisingly, the Forked Lightning started to crack and scream as if it couldn’t handle the force.


Hansoo clenched his teeth so hard that they almost cracked.

He could actually hear sounds of his body blowing apart and breaking.



Hansoo finally realized what the fairy had told him.

‘Maybe instead of being enlightened before death… That guy might’ve died while using it.’

A vicious skill that would kill the user if they couldn’t fulfill its strict requirements.

In an instant.

The final dragon grew out from the Mana Jade and headed towards the heart.


The Mana Jade’s light was turned off.

It had been burnt out from overuse.

It might not even work for a while.

One of the three hearts, where the dragon had passed through, blew up.

Muscles ripped, veins blew up, bones cracked and joints were twisted.

The moment that final dragon flew out of his hand, which had swollen from the veins exploding, and climbed up the spear.

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