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[Granted the right to use the player’s house]

[All the player’s belongings are returned to their house]

[Honor Kills: 46]

The honor kill notification even allowed Kieran to relate into more.

Though before he could delicately speculate further, a figure threw itself out from the shadowy spot aside, the sword in the figure’s hand was aimed at Kieran’s back, where his heart was. Chapter 446: Strangest Thing

Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

The thrust of the sword was as fast as a falling comet. Within an instant, the tip of the sword had arrived before Kieran.

The players around cried in shock one after another.

No doubt, none of them had thought the situation would take such a drastic turn. There was someone waiting for an ambush after Kieran and Banning fought.

The presence of the sudden attacker was also shocking, not only was his timing was perfect but the speed of his sword was extremely fast, but compared to his hiding skills, the timing and the speed was lackluster.

Before the attacker showed himself, the players around including the lone wolves didn’t even notice his presence.

Did the attacker have Transcendence level of [Undercover] or something higher?

Everyone’s heart had a similar thought. Similar to the other basic skills, [Undercover] had its own branch of advanced skill as well, just that it was harder to acquire than basic advance skill.

“Careful!” “2567!”

Hanses and Coll called out to Kieran loudly, warning him.

At the same time, they dashed off to Kieran once more, some of the lone wolves were better at shooting fired off their guns directly.

Bang Bang Bang!

The bullets were fired off fiercely but the effort was useless.

It was not that they didn’t hit their target, in fact they did but instead the bullets was deviated off course, as if the bullets were beams of light and the attacker was a mirror, when the bullets were near the attacker, they were reflected in other directions instantly.


Some of the lone wolves player cried in shock, and doubts were mixed together.

If they were right about who the attacker was, it would be another hard battle ahead.

Reflection, the well-known skill among the veterans and the skill only represented a single person, The Enlightened King, Acala.

Sharing the same ranks as Black Hell Banning, he was also one of the Supernovas, second only to the Witch.

The only difference was that, Enlighten King Acala was much more stronger than Black Hell Banning.

In fact, among the Supernovas, Black Hell Banning was last on the list because he didn’t have any believable, visible achievements. He was far from being a worthy opponent for the other Supernovas.

Though, the Enlightened King Acala was an entirely different case, his achievements were visible and believable.

One man army against a thousand soldiers!

During a certain dungeon world, the Enlightened King encountered troops of a thousand Magic race on a certain battlefield plains . It was he alone against a thousand Magic race troops yet he managed to annihilate everyone of them.

The Magic race was not elite human soldiers but it was how the players address the elves, dwarfs, vampires and lycan race.

It was not easy for one man to go up against a thousand elite human troops, let alone a thousand Magic race troops.

So after the news of that particular achievement gotten out in the wind, Acala was naturally crowned with the title of Enlightened King from the players.

It was said that during that battle, Acala did nothing but stood still in the battlefield just like his name, all he relied on was a skill, Reflection. It reflected the attacks back to his enemies and won the battle easily, as if he was the God from the myths, The Immobile Enlightened King, suppressing his enemies with his Godly might.

That was title the players crowned him plus his name was a indirect translation of the Godly being in religious myths.

Though after being crowned the title, it was still not the reason that he became the topic of discussion among the veterans.

The most shocking fact was Acala the Enlightened King had a close encounter with the Witch, and he came out alive!

That was the main point though, running into the Witch and coming out alive. Such an achievement was enough for any player in the game to be proud of, let alone his visible achievements.

Therefore, Enlightened King Acala was ranked highly on the Supernova list, but even sharing the same ranks, Enlightened King Acala and Black Hell Banning were two very different people with entirely different manners of doing things.

Banning was selfish, cruel and all he was after was points and benefits. He would commit any despicable deeds if he was promised enough points.

Though, Acala was different, although he was more of a loner than the other lone wolves, he was not someone that could be easily bought off by mere points and skill points.

However, other than the Enlightened King Acala, who else would master the skill similar to Reflection?

That was the reason why some of the lone wolves players cried in disbelief.

Yet, before the shocking cry from the lone wolves, the other side of the veteran players gave out an even more shocking cry.

A giant two-headed snake sprung out from the ground all of a sudden, before the attacker’s blade could really scratch Kieran’s body, he was swallowed up by one of the mouths of the two-headed snake.

The attacker disappeared just as the way he appeared, without any trace or sign. The only difference was the moment he appeared, killing intent was erupting fiercely but when he disappeared, he ended up inside the snake’s belly.

The moment he was swallowed up by the [Serpent Spirit], his fate was sealed.

The crowd then went into a dead silence, not even a slight buzz throughout the battlefield.

All the other players were looking inconceivably at the two-headed snake as it lowered one of its head, allowing Kieran to step on top. It then turned its giant body around and left Wallway Street.

No one dared to stop him, even for those team players that had a slight thought of doing so. Their thoughts were extinguished swiftly when they saw the giant twin-headed monstrosity.

The mere look at the two-headed snake was frightening enough, whether was it its body, or aura, it was best not to mess around with it, let alone Kieran himself!

Who knew what kind of aces Kieran had hidden under his sleeves.

Everyone present saw Kieran off in a swift manner, including Hanses and Coll plus the others.

They already received Kieran’s PM, informing them what he was going after right now.

To collect his spoils of war!

A Supernova’s worth of spoils of war was definitely unimaginable!

Hanses, Coll and the others exclaimed, although they were a little jealous, they weren’t envious, because it was what Kieran earned through his own efforts.

Though, Coll replied Kieran’s message with more informative warnings, such as the late attacker that had the skills similar to the Enlightened King Acala and the person himself.

“The Enlightened King, Acala? Another Supernova?!”

Kieran frowned when he saw Coll’s message.

After being acknowledged by his visible achievements, the Enlightened King Acala will not be a fake anymore. The player that [Serpent Spirit] swallowed just now was also not Acala himself.

The system notifications noted that the player’s name was Hughes. It increased his honor kill points by 1 and only gave him 15,000 Points and 5 Skill Points, much more better than the fake goods from Banning.

Still, it didn’t stop Kieran from venturing into Banning’s room, he has to do it fast!

The attacker that sprung up after Banning meant that person was eyeing him from the start.

Kieran was running out of time.

As for who that person was, the answer was the obvious, Broker!

Other than the cunning merchant, Kieran couldn’t think of anyone else, and everything was progressing just as Kieran guessed.

The moment Black Hell Banning failed, Broker had gotten the news and he gave the direct order to Hughes to follow up the kill on Kieran, but still ended up in failure.

“2567 has become this powerful?” Broker muttered to himself.

“Master, should we send out…”

“It’s not time yet, though it’s not a bad thing 2567 has gotten stronger anyway. Don’t forget I need a seemingly powerful enemy to make my plans work! I really placed my bets on Lawless at first but now it seems like 2567 is the better candidate!”

Broker waved to interrupt Zorl’s words and couldn’t help but laugh out loud as if he had encountered something delightful.

Then, he continued giving orders to Zorl but not a single word could be heard from his opened mouth. Chapter 447: Reverse Scar

Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

3rd of Long Pipe Street, Banning’s place.

After killing Banning, Kieran gained the address and access of his room within the big city.

The street before Kieran was a narrow, rugged and filled with rubbles and debris. The path was bumpy and rough, if one would walked above the rough path and without a leather shoe, the stinging rubbles might poke one’s feet through the bottom layer.

Though even with leather boots, one would need to keep an eye out as well.

There were many puddles of black, stenchful water on the street, one would easily slip if not careful.

Kieran, tiptoed on the rubble and half broken bricks edge, gliding through the path like a bird touching the surface of a lake. Kieran moved swiftly and steadily, then arrived at a small building.

It was a double storey house but without the garden and corridor, only a single door facing out.

Though the double storey house had sunk halfway into the ground, making the whole building looked like half a storey shorter.

One would need to follow the steps downwards to enter within.

Kieran raised his head and saw a layer of cornice on the roof, it seemed like it was made out of wood with a steep arc leading down. Dark green moss was all over the cornice, even the wooden part felt like it was going to crumble at anytime soon.

Kieran has no idea how the game system distributed the players rooms but he couldn’t be fond of the room before him.

A single look at the place made him feel humid and disturbed, easily sick of the look within seconds, plus the vile stench on the street made Kieran feel very unsettled.

He quickly moved on by pushing the door open and entered.

What he saw inside stunned him on the spot. The scene within the room had exceeded his wildest imaginations.

There wasn’t any furniture, decorations, books or things that should be within a room. It was empty, an empty area with only that reverse cross in the middle of the floor.

Kieran didn’t believed his eyes and went up to the second floor but still it shared the same scenery as the first. Empty.

Utter destitution!

It was the only term Kieran could come up when facing the scene before him.

Then, more thoughts appeared in his mind. He went over to the reverse cross and picked it up.

The bronze reverse cross with rust all over it was heavier than Kieran thought and its attributes shook Kieran’s heart even though he had prepared himself for the worst.

[Name: Reverse Scar]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Strong]

[Defense: Extreme]

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