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Gi Ga was skillfully fiddling with his spear through the use of his long arms that true to its label as a deformation, reached the ground in its length.

“Let’s go to the king,” said Gi Ga.

Hearing that, Gi Gu couldn’t help but sigh in the back of his head. Gi Ga was loyal, but his knowledge in leading hordes was lacking.

That’s the reason why he wishes to go to the king’s side so.

“For that, we must break through here first,” replied Gi Gu.

After confirming Gi Ga’s nod, Gi Gu ordered his subordinates.

They gradually neared the orcs as they measured the distance. Fortunately, the orcs were also wary of them, and were not proactively attacking.

When their hordes had neared the foe’s enough, they charged.


As Gi Gu released the full strength of his <> skill, he struck his long sword against an orc. But that attack that would’ve easily split a common goblin’s head was easily received by the orc.

Still, it was within the scope of his prediction. At his attack, the goblins around him all moved closely to the ground, almost to a crawl, and they approached the orc.

They struck the orc’s feet, then broke away. The orc’s pained voice rose, and Gi Gu leaned in, and struck the orc’s head once more. This time, he killed the orc.

Suddenly, the wind blew past him from his side as a long spear pierced through the body of an orc. Looking at that spear’s pommel, it was Gi Ga who had struck out that spear.

“Formidable,” praised Gi Gu.

The reason Gi Gu hadn’t been receiving attacks from his surroundings, was mostly because of Gi Ga who was fighting by his side. With his long arms, Gi Gu’s range was bigger than the others, allowing him to strike against the orcs freely with his <.

That’s why Gi Gu used the goblins, and challenged the orcs to a melee.

With Gi Ga, they could demonstrate the effectiveness of the three-man cell to its limit!

“We’ll continue toward the king like this!”

At Gi Gu’s command, everyone nodded.

“Lord Gi Ga,” said a goblin wielding a long spear as he followed behind Gi Ga. “…Don’t push yourself,” Gi Ga told him.

That goblin was one of the goblins born after the chief had taken control of the horde. And under the chief’s orders, he is one of the goblins Gi Ga had taught the spear to. A recent recruit that had just reached adulthood.

But although a fresh recruit, he had to partake in this war. Naturally, the goblins that Gi Ga had taught gathered around him. And like his own chief, he made them follow his back.

“Don’t fall behind!” ordered Gi Gu.

At Gi Gu’s voice, Gi Ga lightly nodded.

“It’s for the king,” said Gi Gu.

“Of course,” replied Gi Ga.

Gi Ga, with his spear. Gi Gu, with his long sword, they each gripped their respective weapons.


At last, we can finally begin.

[Skill] <> Stage 2 activated.

Physical Strength 30% UP, Agility 30% UP.

Also, [Skill] <> has also activated.

In exchange of the mental corrosion due to the crazed warrior’s soul, Physical Strength 30% UP, Agility 30% UP, Magic Power 30% UP.


—Bring it on!

This much strength was added to the great sword I held over my head.

Then with a step, I went beyond my limits, adding pressure to my internal wounds.

As blood vomited out of my mouth, I attacked.


For the first time, I had managed to return Gol Gol’s great sword.

Continuing, I struck again. I don’t have the time to bother with my internal injuries.


Even though he was being pushed back, the orc king’s mouth happily twisted into a smile. Annoying, I thought.


Like I could understand his feelings.

Something like that is for people who are equals. Right now, all I need to think about is defeating the enemy before me.

As my blade met with my foe’s, I sent his great sword back. For the first time, I was able to injure him.

My great sword had struck against the Orc King’s chest, allowing red blood to flow out.

“I’m happy,” said the Orc King.

It was the first time the Orc King had jumped back.

“I am the maddened one (Berserker Call)! The strong king (Gol Gol)!”

As soon as the Orc King spoke those words, my instinct immediately warned, not good.

Following my instinct, I immediately moved forward.


Gol Gol stared at me as I struck my blade against him. Acceleration, sword speed, that attack that could not be criticized in any way was stopped with Gol Gol’s one-handed grip on his great sword.

“Small king, I will no longer ask for you name.”

The Orc King’s heavy, cracking voice, reminded me of the dead of hell.

“Just… fight! Fight with me!! Goblin King!!”


Suddenly, I felt as if I heard a voice yelling at me from afar. When I looked over during the downtime of our fight, I saw a horde of goblins drenched in blood, surrounded by the orcs.

Then a storm blew before me.

The ground was hollowed, the sky was torn, and the wind whirled.

“Fight with your fists, fight with your weapon, fight!! GURUuoOOGOooOAAO!”

It was truly a maddened giant.

I was right to step aside.

It seems the Orc King rampaging in the world of humans isn’t a lie.

The unfolding scenery before me was enough to prove that.

Anyone who entered this storm would surely be crushed like ice under an ice crusher.

But even then, even then!!

What will a long battle bring me!?

Behind me are the goblins desperately defending against the orcs.

I can’t run!


I stopped the fear crawling up my back.

Don’t be afraid. I defeated the orc leader. I defeated the gray wolves. I’ve finally come this far.

As I thought that, I gritted my teeth, keeping them from chattering out of fear.

Then I held out my sword against that rampaging storm.

Our blades met.

“Ohh, ohhhh! Fight!”

The Orc King screamed as his body shook in joy.

I took back my sword that was blown back, and I struck again.

Our blades met.

Having mustered every ounce of strength I could, I was able to send his sword back.

At that, blood spilled out of my mouth, and shock waves exploded at the meeting of our blades. Then I took my unfeeling hands, and wielded my sword tight again.



But even then, I was at a disadvantage.

The Orc King’s been attacking with only one hand, and yet all I can do is barely stand up to him despite using both of my hands.

At this rate, I won’t last long.

Isn’t there something!?


Even a moment’s fine.

Suddenly, at that moment, I heard a war cry bellow out from afar.

Focusing my sight toward the opponent before me, I used my ears to surmise the source of that voice.

That war cry gradually grew closer, and then—



I’m perfectly controlling <> that has never failed to take my foes’ lives. On top of that, I even have <>, and yet… And yet the Orc King is still stronger.

As Gol Gol let out his fighting spirit, an attack fell down from my head, possessing pressure like that of a falling giant hammer. I reflexively received that attack head-on with my great sword.

At the exploding impact, my feet sunk into the ground, blood spilled, sapping my stamina, and a fatal opening was opened.

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