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Besides his broken leg, even those wounds all over his body had healed and scarred. After the scars fell off, his skin became as fresh as boiled eggs being peeled off shells.

This was the longest, laziest and most pleasant time that he had stayed in Castle of Black Iron since he slept 3 years here last time.

Over the past 1 month, Zhang Tie’s main task was to recuperate himself. Besides eating and drinking, the only cultivation that Zhang Tie could carry out when he was free was to repeat the contents and secret knowledge of the ‘Great Wilderness Sutra’.

What shocked Zhang Tie most through this narrow escape was that he indeed recognized the terror and power of the ‘Great Wilderness Sutra. Compared to the soul-based animal controlling method in the Great Wilderness Sutra, all the other animal controlling skills became dwarfed. Therefore, Zhang Tie understood why the Great Wilderness School was exterminated by other schools. Because the soul-based animal controlling method really made people jealous.

Over the past one month, Zhang Tie had activated the 3rd floor of the All-spirits Pagoda in his mind sea. Additionally, he repeated the Great Wilderness endless true words on the 4th floor over 300,000 times. He still needed to repeat them about 1 million times to activate this floor.

When the 3rd floor of All-spirits Pagoda was activated, it meant that he could use LV 2 animals as his incarnation. As soon as he thought about having an incarnation had Zhang Tie become excited.

However, he could not be too excited as he had to recover his wounds.

In more than 1 month, all of his wounds had been recovered, even his broken leg had almost healed. With the great power of “King Roc Sutra”, 31 surging points on his spine had broken through the bind of Senel Clan and recovered their fighting strength.

“Ah, master, you’re awake…” Seeing Zhang Tie sat up in the lounge, Edward trotted all the way here as he placed a plate of golden pies in front of Zhang Tie which smelt pretty good, “Master, have a try, I’ve just made them for you!”

Zhang Tie sniffed them forcefully as he had a great appetite. He picked one of them and put it in his mouth. After a bite, he tasted the tender, sweet fluid and the special aroma of honey. It was so delicious that Zhang Tie even wanted to swallow his tongue. Zhang Tie instantly ate 4-5 pies.

When Zhang Tie ate the pies, Edward kept watching Zhang Tie with an intoxicating and proud look. He looked like receiving Zhang Tie’s highest reward.

“Ah, so good, you made them?” Zhang Tie asked ‘politely’ based on these days of ‘experience’.

After hearing Zhang Tie’s question, Edward instantly raised his chest, “Yes, sir, it’s my great honor!”

“How did you make it?” Zhang Tie continued.

“I used 17 fruits and grains in Castle of Black Iron, plus our specialty–honey…”

Edward kept talking about the process of making pies for 2 minutes. After that, Edward drew in a deep mouth of breath as he revealed an intoxicating look, “The above are all the procedures required to make these pies!”

“Not bad!” Zhang Tie listened to it patiently. After enjoying his life here over 1 month, Zhang Tie found that the best reward to Edward, Agan and Aziz was to listen to them introducing the manufacturing procedures besides enjoying various services provided by them. They all treated this reward as their greatest enjoyment and personal achievements.

According to Heller, if Zhang Tie could listen to and praise the services of Edward, Agan and Aziz. their souls would upgrade and grow. This was their happiest moment. Therefore, as long as there was a chance, Zhang Tie would spend a few minutes to listen to the three servants’ introduction about their services.

Zhang Tie felt that he should respect and reward his servants who were so loyal to him. Therefore, he always listened to their introduction politely. Gradually, he found that he could learn a lot from Edward, Agan and Aziz. The three servants were masters in their own line for sure.

Agan was a carpenter and stonemason, who were good at building houses.

Aziz was a master in agriculture. He was excel at anything concerning agricultural production. Additionally, Aziz was excel at brewing all sorts of alcohol. Honestly, Zhang Tie was not good at brewing alcohol. After Aziz was responsible for producing all-purpose medicament, the effect of all-purpose medicament was 30% greater than that made by Zhang Tie himself. Zhang Tie was really shocked by this.

Edward was good at using fire. He could both cook yummy food and produce tools using fire.

Previously, although Zhang Tie knew about the three people’s talents, he didn’t pay attention to that. After Zhang Tie teleported a lot of slaves into Castle of Black Iron from the underground space in Misty Moon Woods, the three guys got rid of the low-end farming work. From then on, they gradually showed their great talents. Zhang Tie also started to sense the unusual aspects of the three people.

“Where are Agan and Aziz?” Zhang Tie asked Edward.

“They went to instruct those newcomers to build houses and do farming work!” Edward replied with a rich admiration, “Those newcomers called them the God’s messengers.”

Zhang Tie smiled as he threw a glance at Edward, “Do you also want to go downhill?”

“Master, if you produce some metal mines in Castle of Black Iron, I can make anything you want for sure!” Edward said full of confidence.

“Hehe, we will have such a day!” Zhang Tie smiled as he stood up. Edward hurriedly wanted to support him with his hand. However, Zhang Tie prevented him by waving his hand, “It’s okay, I’m much better these days. I want to take a walk!”

Edward bowed and left.

Besides having enough rest, he also needed to do some proper movements so as to recover fast.

There was a mountain as high as 300 m in the center of Castle of Black Iron, within 1 km of the small tree. Zhang Tie was wandering on the top of the mountain.

Nothing had changed, the small tree, the spring or those houses, except for the terrain of Castle of Black Iron.

After teleporting those miserable human captives into Castle of Black Iron from Misty Moon Woods, Heller had innovated the terrain of Castle of Black Iron. After the innovation, the location of the small tree and the place where Zhang Tie was standing became more unique. This mountain was the achievement of this innovation.

Zhang Tie came to one edge of the top of the mountain as he started to glance over Castle of Black Iron.

There was a flight of natural, golden stone stages from the top of the mountain all the way to its foot. The tidy and broad stages looked pretty magnificent.

The foot of the mountain was surrounded by a black abyss. After innovation, the former Pool of Chaos turned into a moat. The Pool of Chaos became the River of Chaos.

There was a spring originated from the top of the mountain. After passing by the halfway of the mountain, it turned into a fine waterfall and finally fell into the River of Chaos. This formed a complete circulation of energy and materials.

Right above the River of Chaos was a natural, golden bridge being linked to the golden stages. It was the only tunnel from the outside to the top of the mountain. In Heller’s words, without Zhang Tie’s consent, nobody could pass by the River of Chaos through that bridge in Castle of Black Iron. Anybody who wanted to pass through that bridge would be rejected by the basic principles in Castle of Black Iron; they would fall into the River of Chaos and be decomposed into the most basic energy particles.

“Nobody could pass by?” At the sight of the River of Chaos, Zhang Tie asked Heller.

“Nobody!” Heller nodded firmly.

“Including my master, Zhao Yuan?”

“That person is indeed very powerful in the outside world; however, he’s nothing different than commoners in front of the dimension and space rules of Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, even if your master wants to pass by the bridge without your consent, he would also fall into the River of Chaos for sure.”

Time inside Castle of Black Iron was synchronous with that in the outside world. At this moment, the colorful clouds were changing their shapes and radiating a layer of halo. The entire space was bathing in a dusky light, making the inside of Castle of Black Iron more mysterious.

On a plain about 3-4 mile away from this mountain was a human town which was gradually coming into being. Those living in the town were the first batch of residents in Castle of Black Iron.

Standing at the top of the mountain, as long as it was completely dark, Zhang Tie could always see a lot of people busy doing their works these days. Some were chopping trees in the surrounding mountainous region; some were sawing logs while some others were building simple wooden houses using the logs that had been well sawn.

Most of the wooden houses were relatively narrow and rough. However, there was a complete stone building in the town, which looked more magnificent. As he had not been to the town, Zhang Tie didn’t know what was that building used for.

Beside the town were large areas of farmland being reclaimed. Women were busy sowing seeds in the farmland and picking various berries and fruits in the wild.

For those people who came from the underground hell, Castle of Black Iron was definitely the paradise that only existed in their imaginations.

The soil here was very fertile. Any seed, once being buried in the soil, would start to grow sturdily.

The river and lake here tasted very sweet and was full of aura. The wildland was full of eccentric, yummy fruits. Some of those fruits could not even be identified.

Among those which could be identified, the most impressive fruits were potatoes and sunflower seeds.

Being different from those they could see before, most of the potatoes here were as large as kids’ heads. Besides, after being roasted, those potatoes tasted very yummy.

Similarly, all the sunflowers were as big as golden sieves. After growing ripe, each sunflower seed would be as large as a peanut, which also tasted yummy.

Most of those fruits were new species that formed in Castle of Black Iron during the 3 years that he slept in Castle of Black Iron. Take potatoes as an instance, they were new products after the 2nd round of mutation and evolution. They were more eccentric than those Zhang Tie left in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

As Zhang Tie watched them growing up, he had been used to or numb about those mutated species. However, for those who entered Castle of Black Iron for the first time, at the sight of everything in Castle of Black Iron, it occurred to them that this was an immortal territory. Due to their piety and persistence in the dilemma, they had been taken into this immortal territory from the hell by the God.

Everybody entering this territory would kneel down, cry and pray out of gratitude.

Undoubtedly, Zhang Tie was that God who saved them out of the hell. This immortal territory was the God’s home.

… [Volume 5 – A Distance Within Reach]

There were hundreds of components to this law array, and some of them were composed of rare metals. Just the recycled materials alone were worth a small fortune even if one were to ignore the origin array at the top. The baron watched the components vanish one by one in Qianye’s hands and was, at first, astonished. But then his expression became progressively dismal-his fate was sealed now that he already knew of Qianye’s secret.

The origin grenade and sniper fire had already alarmed the Sharp Fang tribe at the base of the mountain, but they weren’t able to proceed after arriving at the boundary of the forbidden zone with the servspiders eyeing them as a tiger would its prey. After Qianye killed the arachne in command with a single shot, the less intelligent servspiders could only obstruct the werewolves according to previous orders.

Qianye naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. He finished off the baron in one slash, quietly cleaned up the scene, and left stealthily from the back of the mountain.

Qianye’s resolute attack on these vampires and arachne was meant to also add more pressure on these werewolves. Otherwise, it was hard to make sure whether Sharp Fang tribe would stand with Qianye in the future or if they would choose to stay neutral.

After such a long period deep in dark race territory, Qianye had already heard a fair bit about the count’s brutality and his actions to curry favor with the upper continents. These vampires were clearly related to major characters from the upper continents. Now that they had died in his territory, Count Stuka would likely take it out on the Sharp Fang tribe, and the best way for them to avoid annihilation was to choose to stand on Qianye’s side.

Qianye wasn’t in a hurry to contact Sharp Fang just yet. These obstinate werewolves needed some time to recognize their situation and likely not a short while either.

After descending Green Peak Mountain, Qianye headed toward his final destination: Count Stuka’s underground castle. He had long since wanted to see how this dark race lair looked like. The time would be just right to secretly contact the nearly disabled old chief of the Sharp Fang tribe when he returned from the count’s castle.

Someone like him was bound to have many stories to tell, and it might even bring Qianye some pleasant surprises.

Qianye arrived at Count Stuka’s castle after traveling cautiously for several days.

As an arachne count, Stuka’s castle had retained the unique characteristics of the arachne race while also conforming to his status as a count.

That which appeared before Qianye was an earthen mountain with a majestic castle built on top, and a wide path stretching down along its slope. The weird part was that there were many caves distributed throughout the entire body of this earthen mountain with an especially large one at its base. It was dozens of meters wide, enough to allow passage to massive war beasts.

There were members of various evernight races entering and leaving through each cave. On the contrary, there was no one passing through the castle gates at the summit.

There was a wide road running through the biggest cave at the base of the mountain and seemed to be a path designed for races other than the arachne. The ground on each side of the road was filled with spider webs and was only suitable for the arachne and servspiders to move through. These creatures would be able to move at least twice as fast on the webs, and every small vibration on it could be sensed by the distant servspiders, notifying them of intruders. Some arachne and servspiders could lay down spiderwebs laced with intense poison to form a natural defense line.

Even Qianye would have a hard time passing through such a large area of spiderweb coverage.

He observed for a while and realized that the entire earth mountain was hollow inside. One could directly enter the belly of the mountain via a secret path from the castle above. The underground portion of this mountain was likely a large space since, after all, arachne were experts at digging and building.

Stuka’s castle atop the earthen mountain was built according to a conventional arachne layout, and it was unknown just how many warriors and servspiders he had hidden underground. The structure was easy to defend and difficult to assault. One would have to pay a steep price to seize the stronghold with only troops.

Qianye frowned and abandoned the impractical notion. It would be too difficult to conquer Stuka’s castle with what little strength he had.

He circled around the entire castle and observed for a good while. He then headed back in the direction he had come from after confirming the patterns of activity in and around the castle. Qianye felt a tinge of regret just as he was about to leave-all those different dark race members entering and leaving the castle were living masses of essence blood and darkness origin power-being unable to attack at the moment was too much a suffering.

Qianye visited the Sharp Fang tribe again on his way back.

This time, Qianye hid near the tribe and waited patiently. The werewolves’ sense of smell was quite troublesome and made it difficult for him to get close. But he didn’t need to wait too long; the Sharp Fang chief emerged from the cave shortly after dinner time and began to patrol the area and console his tribesmen.

He finished his rounds only when the moon was high in the sky. This matter alone had worn him down quite a bit-his back was bent deeply, and the worry on his face couldn’t be wiped away.

Qianye understood where the chief’s worries stemmed from. It was definitely the dead vampires and Count Stuka’s servspiders.

“You all go back first. I want to take a walk.” The chief glanced at his two werewolf guards and ordered them to leave. Afterward, he slowly walked out of the village on his own.

This area was Sharp Fang tribe’s territory and could be considered fairly safe and tranquil. There were numerous high-yield mines in the domain, and each of them was guarded by a significant number of werewolf soldiers, serving as garrisons. As such, those of the Sharp Fang tribe weren’t particularly worried about the old chief’s safety.

The old chief strolled along with heavy steps, all too familiar with the mountains and streams along the way. He arrived beside a clear pond and knelt down to wash his hands. He had maintained this habit for dozens of years and had almost become a ceremony of sorts.

The old chief glanced down at the pond and suddenly discovered the figure of another person standing beside him.

His old hands trembled ever so slightly, raising numerous ripples and shattering the reflection on the water surface. He collected himself and turned back slowly toward Qianye. “Young human, you’re quite bold.”

Qianye replied indifferently, “You’re the one who’s truly courageous. You look so calm. Don’t tell me you’ve found a way to deal with Count Stuka’s wrath?”

The old chief stood up in an instant and his vigor rose all of a sudden. An ardent flame began to burn brightly in his originally turbid eyes as he stared fixedly at Qianye. Qianye, however, just stood there without the slightest bit of movement and looked on as though the chief’s imposing manner was nothing to him.

A wisp of shock and admiration flashed through the chief’s eyes. “You’re likely not an obscure character in the human race. You’re so young and possess such potential, so why would you take the risk to enter our country? Great geniuses are nothing if they become corpses.”

Qianye smiled and said, “This area will become my country very soon.”

The old chief’s eyes immediately turned sharp and replied with a cold voice, “You humans want to invade? Humph! Your soldiers will be met head-on, and your warriors will be torn to shreds by our sharp claws! No human soldiers have stepped through this land in hundreds of years.”

Qianye laughed loudly and said, “Even if I fail, it won’t be in the hands of a tiny Sharp Fang tribe. Moreover, it’s not certain whether you’ll survive until my army arrives. I heard the count isn’t very patient and maybe Sharp Fang would’ve become history even before my forces arrive. And he probably won’t let you off even if, by any chance, I was forced to withdraw.”

The chief’s eyes flickered as he pondered for a moment and said, “Is there a difference between dying to the count and dying to human bullets? Stuka might not destroy Sharp Fang completely, but the humans definitely will!”

“That might not necessarily be the case.” Qianye brought out Schiller’s necklace and passed it to the chief.

The old werewolf received the item, brought it to his nose, and sniffed a couple of times. His eyes became somewhat more gentle as he said, “This is Schiller’s blood oath. He has used his ancestor’s spirit to vouch for you. But it’ll still take time for me to trust you since, after all, Schiller is only a youngster. And the youth are always impulsive.”

The chief hadn’t even finished speaking when Qianye passed him yet another metallic token. “The youth are impetuous. Then how about this?”

The old chief observed the token and began to tremble all over. “T-This is the token of the Summit of Peaks! How did you get this?”

“According to the friend who gave it to me, this token should possess considerable prestige among the werewolves. Why don’t I see any from you?”

After hearing Qianye’s implicit criticism, the old chief smiled wryly and said, “A token from the Summit of Peaks is like a holy object for those like us living in the lowest rungs of society. It’s just that your demands are too… too inconsistent with our traditions and beliefs. I fear no werewolf is willing to live a life under human rule, to speak nothing of fighting alongside them. You’ll be disappointed if you want to borrow Sharp Fang’s strength to fight against Count Stuka.”

Qianye laughed out loud. “You’re overthinking things. I’ve never hoped to borrow Sharp Fang’s strength. In truth, your meager forces are insignificant in my eyes. It’s just that my friend from the Summit of Peaks had once asked me to take care of his race and I’m also impressed by Schiller. That’s the only reason why I’m willing to appear here and talk with you.”

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