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Aya and Elena high-fived and praised each other.

「You two were amazing!」

It came from the bottom of my heart.

However, with a dryer, electric fan and blender, Aya’s magics all seem like household appliances.

「Let’s return and bring this girl to the town.」


I put away the 3 common orcs and the frozen black orc in the inventory and used[Teleportation]to Suga town, slightly away from the town’s entrance.

「Excuse me, we protected this girl that had been kidnapped by orcs inside the forest, what should we do?」

As I explained the situation to the town’s gatekeeper, we were shown to the guardroom.

We laid the the girl on the bed in the guardroom, the girl woke up after a while.

After hearing the story, it turns out that[Meg-chan]was reported as missing, the soldier brought in Meg’s mother.

「Meg! It’s good that you are safe!!」


When we heard the story, Meg-chan who had been playing in the town suddenly disappeared and they were searching ever since.

She should’ve been in the town, how did the orc performed the kidnapping?

Because I sometimes come across with suspicious criminals that shows[Danger]all over the town, I wonder if those fellows are related?

「Thank you very much. What should I give to express my gratitude……」

Meg was taken by her mother and went home.

Thank goodness, it was good.

「Are you guys adventurers?」

One of the soldiers called out to me.

「Yes, we are registered in the adventurers’ guild.」

「Well then, will you please report about the orcs to the adventurers’ guild?」

「Yes, I understand.」

「Oh, also, please take this to the adventurers’ guild.」

He handed to us a document.

「This is?」

「Public order’s maintenance, it was originally us soldiers’ job but you helped with the work. This is the credential.」

「Credential? This should be submitted to the adventurers’ guild?」

「Oh, if you submit it to the adventurers’ guild, you will be given additional[Guild points].」

「It’s such a thing? Thank you very much.」

We left the guardroom and head towards the adventurers’ guild. We left the guardroom and head towards the adventurers’ guild.

Suga town’s adventurers’ guild building has an old fashion feel.

We tried to check out the F-rank requests posted on the request board.

The contents of the[[Medicinal herbs]gathering]and[[Goblin]subjugation]requests are the same as before in the Nippo town.

Only the last one was different.

┌─<Subjugation request>──

│[Slime]subjugation (Repeatable request)

│Content: Subjugate 1[Slime]monster.

│ Bring in the[Slime’s nucleus]as the subjugation proof.

│Reward: 50 Aurum


So there are slimes around here, let’s look for it next time.

We won’t be selling the[Medicinal herbs]since we have a use for it ourselves, we’ll turn in the[Goblin]subjugation request however.

I went to the reception desk and turn in the[[Goblin]subjugation]requests while reporting about the matter of black and white orcs by also turning in the[Credential].

We were rewarded with Aurum and Guild points,

the[Goblin]subjugation requests are 150 Aurum and 5 points per person,

and the black and white orc case is 600 Aurum and 20 points per person.

This time, the Guild points totaled to 35 points,

our guild ranks were promoted from[F-Rank]to[E-Rank]since we had more than 20 points.

Next is[D-Rank]which seems to be 100 points.

Because we aren’t particularly obsessed with raising our rank, we intend to keep going slowly.

I tried to check out the E-Rank requests on the request board.

Most of the requests are time consuming, it’s impossible for us who work only on weekends.

Perhaps, we can only do this one.

┌─<Subjugation request>──

│[Wolf]subjugation (repeatable request)

│Content: Subjugate 3[Wolf]monsters.

│ Bring in the[Wolf’s fang]as the subjugation proof.

│Reward: 100 Aurum


So the[Wolves]I defeated before were E rank, I’ll segregate the [Wolf]fangs I kept in the inventory later.

Though the sun is still high, it seems late to go outside again, we decided to explore the town after securing an inn.

The inn managed to accommodate us in two rooms.

I-, I’m not particularly lonely.~

We head towards the[Merchants’ guild]first.

At the reception desk was a reliable-looking oniisan.

「Right now, salt is overstocked so we aren’t buying it.

On the other hand,[Wheat]is in short supply so if you have we’d like to buy it at a high price.」

Is what he said.

It seems there’s not enough wheat under the influence of war.

I took out a 1 kg[Hard flour]and have them to take a look.

「T-, This is wheat flour!? Please wait a moment, I’ll just call an[Appraiser].」

It’s somehow similar to the previous development……

Eventually, the[Hard flour]was appraised as an[S rank]and was sold at 100 Aurum.

Since it’s 100 Aurum per kg and you can make 10 bread per 100g, the production cost of a bread becomes over 10 Aurum. Such an expensive bread that only rich people can eat!

I should save up for the mana crystals’ admission fees, so next time, I’ll procure flour in large quantities.

We left the merchant guild after that, the sun is still high outside.

「By the way, Aya and Elena, is there somewhere you want to go?」

「Seiji-sama, I want a weapon.」

「Then, let’s go to the weapon shop, what do you think Aya?」

「Un, I’d like to look for weapons too.」

We went to the weapon shop.



Inside the weapon shop was a delicate lady.

I think this person isn’t suited for the weapon shop, also it was a bit different from the weapon shop I had in mind.

「There’s no swords, huh.」

「This is a weapon shop specially for rearguards.」

Specially for rearguards, in other words, bow and arrows, throwing knives, rod, and similar weapons.

「Excuse me but we are looking for a weapon for this girl to use, can you give advice on what kind of things are good?」

「T-, Thank you in advance.」

Elena bowed to the store manager.

「It’s just a small matter~ so, what kind of weapon have you been using until now?」

「Uhm, I’m using[Rod of water], it can only be used to attack with magic and not directly.」

「I see, a water magician.」

「In addition to water, I can also use ice and recovery magic.」

「That’s amazing. So, you want to be able to attack besides using magic, huh.」

The store manager prepared some bow and arrows, and throwing knives for Elena, but after trying them out, she wasn’t able to handle them properly.

「If long-ranged weapon is no good then it can only be a rod.」

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