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A loud sound rang out amid the blood sand filling the sky. The Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake had wrecked that precious war chariot of Qi Yunfeng’s.

No one knew if there was anyone in the war chariot. If there were, they probably did not escape death.

Even if anyone in there managed to survive, they would probably suffer extreme heartache. After all, a 1-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot was worth more than one hundred thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills.

Furthermore, a Heaven Suspending War Chariot was very difficult to purchase. Having it wreck was truly heart-wrenching.

Murong Yan stood on a boulder amid the blood sand and hovering rocks.

“Everyone ran already?”

Murong Yan looked around furtively. His vision was blurry. Even when he did his best to see, he could not see anyone.

“This seems to be a good opportunity!”

A brilliant light flashed in Murong Yan’s eyes as he revealed a smile. This Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake seemed like it was flaunting its might. However, in reality, it was only aggravating its injuries.

If everyone already fled, then perhaps he might be able to obtain the entire Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake for himself.

Murong Yan consumed the Rank 3 Heavenly Pill that Liu Ruyun gave him, and his injuries quickly recovered.

“Those people cannot block the Great Desolate Eon Demonic Might. I have a Divine Dragon bloodline and hold a significant advantage. The Red Dragon Race’s Martial Techniques can be said to be the most ferocious in explosive power among the Six Colored Divine Dragons. I can try gambling on this.”

The fire of battle flared in Murong Yan’s eyes, roaring stronger and stronger as he stared at that Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Murong Yan carefully leaped from rock to rock, seeking the most suitable opportunity for himself.

Despite his blazing fighting spirit, he still carefully reminded himself, “I have to be patient.”

Finally, an opportunity arrived!

The Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake landed at a place that was very suitable for Murong Yan to make his move. He had long since given in to his desire to fight, so he erupted like a volcano.

“Blood Devouring Dragon Fist, Boundless Madness!” Murong Yan roared, and a surging aura burst out of his body. A heatwave soared into the clouds, as resplendent as a meteor.

A berserk aura that would shred anyone in the way spewed out. Everything within ten kilometers before it turned to ashes.

Just the berserk aura alone resulted in such might. This showed how ferocious this Fist Technique was.

Murong Yan laughed loudly, and a dragon roar rang out. Fiery light shot out, and his fist light landed on the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake’s body.

“Oh no…”

Xiao Chen, who was protecting Liu Ruyun with his Dragon Might, which contained the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, slapped his forehead. He could not bear to see the scene before him.

Murong Yan alone fought an intense battle with the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake, fully bringing out the berserk, fiery explosiveness of the Red Dragon Race.

He had a very excited smile on his face and fought until he felt delighted, fighting to his heart’s content.

Soon, Murong Yan was somewhat shocked to discover that while this Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake’s aura was weakening, it would not give up without a fight. Furthermore, this was an overlord-class Sovereign-Personage-level ferocious beast.

In merely ten moves, Murong Yan was in peril. His Great Desolate Eon bloodline showed signs of crumbling at any moment.

“Wait for me. Don’t move,” Xiao Chen instructed. “You might become our trump card to turn the situation around at any moment.”

When Liu Ruyun heard that, she nodded her head and said, “Don’t worry. I understand.”


Before Liu Ruyun finished speaking, she saw Xiao Chen turned into a flash of electric light. Then, he instantly arrived above the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake with a ‘whoosh.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate to land a killing move, using Firmament’s Rage.

The rage of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon traveled through time and space to the present. Rage flooded the sky and spread all over.

When one looked up, it was like the firmament raging with uncontainable fury.

A gigantic, burning palm appeared, tearing through the sky. Xiao Chen’s face turned cold, and the Dao disks of the Thunder Dao and Saber Dao appeared.

The Thunder Dao and the Saber Dao infused into the gigantic palm. Instantly, the palm’s fingers became like sabers, and electricity flickered. When the palm struck, it smashed down the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake from the sky.

Electric light exploded, and the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake’s entire body convulsed.

The five saber-like fingers left five gaping holes spurting blood out like fountains in the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake’s body.

“Xiao Chen!”

When Murong Yan first saw Xiao Chen, he felt joy. Then, he said, “Quickly leave. This Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake is harder to deal with than expected. We can’t kill it.”

“It’s too late,” Xiao Chen sighed softly.

“What do you mean?”

Murong Yan still did not understand. However, closely following that, a few figures appeared. Situ Changfeng, Wei Hongfei, and Duan Fei turned up one after another.

“Damn. How are you all still around? Weren’t you all frightened away already?” Murong Yan said, greatly startled.

Xiao Chen said helplessly, “You are overthinking. Not only are they still around, but Eccentric Tie, the Murong couple, Baili Xiu, and the others should also all still be around. They are waiting to see if there are any fools that cannot resist making a move. Then, they will benefit from that afterwards. Unexpectedly, they won their gamble.”

Murong Yan could not help getting enraged. “Damn! That group of people was using me as a tool!”

“Xiao Chen, what should we do now?” Wei Hongfei asked as he looked at Xiao Chen.

At some point in time, Xiao Chen had become the core of this team, the one to make the final decisions.

“I can’t be bothered anymore. We either give up or see it through to the end. After we kill this worm, we will take eighty percent of the gains.”

A decisive look flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he said coldly, “Since they love watching a show, let them watch one!”

The others breathed somewhat heavily. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen was so decisive, either giving up or going all the way.

“Great!” everyone said without hesitation, influenced by Xiao Chen.

The group attacked together, not holding anything back as they fought an intense battle with the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake.

Somewhere hidden under a rock, Eccentric Tie smiled coldly. “Bunch of fools. Do you really think that we have all been frightened off?”

The Murong couple also showed a smile, happy to see this development.

After Baili Xiu smiled coldly, he released his bated breath. His team had sustained the greatest casualties. Only five remained of the original nine.

Previously, he had worried that the decrease in strength would deprive him of any speaking rights later.

This scene inevitably made him very happy.


Just as Baili Xiu was thinking, a figure landed in the middle of his group. He let out a startled cry, “Qi Yunfeng!”

Qi Yunfeng was significantly injured. He smiled in embarrassment and said, “Brother Baili, you do not mind me resting here for a while, right?”

Qi Yunfeng had been lucky to escape the Heaven Suspending War Chariot’s destruction. However, he lost his greatest reliance. By coming to Baili Xiu, he was seeking a temporary alliance.

Baili Xiu understood this. He smiled and said, “You are very welcome to do so.”

Right now, Baili Xiu lacked people. How could he reject him?

This Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake might not die without a fight. However, its injuries were already too severe.

Xiao Chen and the others did not let down their guard. They attacked at full power, working together to stabilize the situation.

They trapped the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake, not giving it a chance to counterattack or flee.

The group relentlessly executed Dragon Race Martial Techniques. Strong wind, lightning, fire, and sunlight appeared as the Divine Dragon Four Divisions Formation formed. Then, the group tried to expedite this fight.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Master of the World!”

Xiao Chen saw that the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake wanted to launch one final counterattack. He snorted coldly and circulated his energy for the Supreme Dragon Fist. When he punched, a blazing Dragon Might materialized a burning war banner suffused with killing intent.

The moment the war banner appeared, the killing intent filling the sky soared. Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Dragon’s Dragon Might flourished, bringing out a pride that looked down on the world, that of a sovereign descending upon the world.

“Trying to retaliate? No way. Stay down!”


This supreme dragon banner with overwhelming killing Qi swept down from the sky, carrying a boundless tyranny and a might that held up the heavens.

The banner turned into a beam of light and instantly stabbed into the neck of the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake.


The ground shook continuously. Xiao Chen pinned down the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake, which wanted to counterattack with a powerful killing move, using the supreme dragon banner.

The Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake kept roaring, struggling continuously; the supreme dragon banner shook intensely.

“Red Dragon’s mysteries, Inextinguishable Rage!” Murong Yan roared, and a pure Red Dragon’s Dragon Might emerged from his entire body. His figure flashed, and he landed on the tip of the banner pole.

“Golden Dragon’s mysteries, Indestructible Light!” Wei Hongfei snorted coldly. His body spun around continuously, releasing a golden light condensed by the Golden Dragon’s Dragon Qi, illuminating the surroundings.

Murong Yan raised his palm up to the sky, over his head. Then, Wei Hongfei landed firmly on his hand.


The might of the supreme dragon banner increased. The Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake roared in pain, and its aura plummeted.

“Green Dragon’s mysteries, Spring Wind and Rain!”

“Blue Dragon’s mysteries, Wind Wandering the World!”

Duan Fei and Situ Changfeng joined in, one after the other. They used their strength to reinforce the supreme dragon banner. The Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake’s aura diminished continuously.

“Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, A Heart Higher Than Heaven!”

Xiao Chen descended from the sky. His Dragon Might merged with the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries as he landed firmly on Situ Changfeng’s upraised palm.


This final strike made the might of the supreme dragon banner soar. The Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake’s huge head separated from its humongous body.

The Supreme Dragon Fist’s energy turned into tens of thousands of strands of Dragon Qi flying about. The tower of people scattered quickly, smiles showing on their faces.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

“The outstanding talents of the empire are indeed incredible. This was such an eye-opener. This old man truly admires you!”

Clapping his hands, Eccentric Tie appeared with an insincere smile. His eyes gleamed as he looked at the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake corpse on the ground.

“The right people were chosen, indeed. Hehe! You may all draw back now. Leave it to us to decide how to split this Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake.”

The Murong couple, Baili Xiu’s group, and the others showed up, one after another. They all believed that they had Xiao Chen’s group in the bag, directly telling Xiao Chen’s group to leave.

Eccentric Tie frowned slightly and said coldly, “You are still not scramming? Do you want to be the ones to split the gains? I do not have much patience!”

Xiao Chen exchanged looks with his fellow Dragon’s Gate disciples. After a moment, he suddenly burst into laughter.

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