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“Good.” Madam Feng smiles, hand over a red pocket to Yao Yao’s hand.

But she does not pay attention, when Madam Feng hand over that red pocket, Feng Chen Yi’s face turned to be cold!

“Sister in law, don’t you need to offer me tea too?” Feng Chen Rui who sat beside opened his mouth.

His wife is glaring fiercely toward him. His wife hasn’t forgotten the last time matter regarding Feng Chen Rui ever pursuing Yao Yao.

Even though, Feng Chen Rui had made an explanation that he just joking, but his wife still suspicious toward him.

“Big brother, there isn’t no such reason to do so? You are not elder!” Feng Chen Yi inserted one of his hands into his pocket, and his another hand is pulling Yao Yao up who still kneeling on the floor: “Yao Yao, let me bring you to room and have a rest.”

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“Why so early entering the bridal chamber?” said Feng Ke Xin who keeps silent for this whole time, and then she walked fast in front of both of them: “Second Brother, I am taking school leave and back to home because your wedding ceremonial, at least you must give me chance to have words with Yao Yao for moment.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Not your matter? This is a secret between women!” after said, Feng Ke Xin pulled Yao Yao to upstairs.

Feng Chen Yi really cannot do anything regarding his unruly little sister, but, seeing his little sister now can accept Yao Yao, it can be said that he feels little bit relief.

© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Congratulation, congratulation, congratulation.” arrived at Feng Ke Xin’s room, she is pretending to clap his hand to Yao Yao.

Yao Yao is looking around the room which is covered with princess’s atmosphere. Cannot help herself not to feel envy little bit, it is really kind of dreamy room. “Thank you, Ke Xin.”

“Huh, it must be me who should thank you!”


“Set from your blessing, after Qi Lian Ao Yun sunbae knew the news about your marriage and my second brother, I have succeed win over Qi Lian sunbae!” Feng Ke Xin is happily smiling.

Yao Yao feels unbelievable by creasing her forehead: “You and…. Qi Lian sunbae?”

“That’s right. Perhaps in the future he will be your brother in law. But….” Feng Ke Xin is folding his hand in front her chest, while her eyes are looking at Yao Yao: “I don’t want any scandal suddenly appear at home, you understand?”


She really does not know how to deal with Feng Ke Xin, she is too arrogant! But, she also does not want to have any scandal at this home.

“Rest assure, I understood.”

“Good. And about that, Old man (refer to Feng Xiao) not really likes you.”

“This, I can feel it.”

“Well, let me tell you one good news, you don’t see that old man every day showing that kind of expression, actually he is also old urchin (childish old man), as long as you make him happy, he will like you bit by bit. Just alike me, there are countless time that I coax old man happily.”

© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


*] Tea Ceremony ( Jing Cha): tea ceremony is a Chinese custom where the bride is introduced to the groom’s family. Kneeling down, the groom and the bride will offer tea to their elders. Starting with the Groom’s parents, followed by his grandparents, granduncles and aunties, uncles and aunties and elder brothers and sisters. The elder relatives will give their blessings to the couple by giving them jewelry or red packets. Source: The Chinese Wedding Shop Jiang Chen didn’t like this kind of forthrightness, but he did enjoy the demons’ internal conflict. He smiled coolly. “Bloodreed, are you seeking my protection?”

Bloodreed chuckled. “It’s easier to converse with smart people. To avoid any more questions, I’ll get straight to the point. If you offer me protection, I’ll help you fight the celestial demons. For example, there’s a chance for that right now!”

“Very honest of you,” Jiang Chen nodded. “Your pursuers are coming this way already.”

Bloodreed grinned. “Get ready to hunt them down then.”

Jiang Chen glanced at the demon forefather thoughtfully and smiled. “Act the best you can. It’s more convincing that way.”

Bloodreed chuckled as well, nodding.

Returning to Winterdraw, Jiang Chen gave his orders to the four sacred beasts. “Get ready. Celestial demons are coming. If there’s only a few, so we’ll make sure their trip is one-way only.”

“Young master Chen, is the old blood demon trying to trick us?” asked Xia Tianze.

Jiang Chen laughed. “His deceit wouldn’t have escaped my eyes. Still, a bit of caution never hurt anyone.”

He prepared the ambush while Winterdraw’s defensive operations continued. He and the four sacred beasts hid in the outskirts. The Immaculate Robe concealed them wholly, rendering them virtually undetectable.

Even if Bloodreed wanted to pull any tricks, there would be no opportunity for him to.

The blood demon forefather was utterly pale as he leaned upon a clandestine bush. Two celestial demon forefathers were on his tail in hot pursuit.

It was the fourth and fifth forefathers.

As their titles reflected, they were about the middle of the pack among their peers.

Now that they had consumed the bloodlines of the other demons, it was only a matter of time until their strengths grew rapidly. In fact, they had a very good chance of breaking through to advanced divine realm.

Celestial demons didn’t tolerate traitors like Bloodreed.

The two forefathers slowed down as they neared their quarry. “That Bloodreed is a wily one,” remarked the fifth forefather softly. “Did he flee in this direction to daunt us? He has no way out of this himself. Are the humans going to let him pass?”

The fourth forefather was more serious. “If they do, Ole Fifth, we’ll have a lot more trouble on our hands.”

“What trouble? Are you scared of retribution from the likes of Bloodreed? He’s pretty pathetic, especially after we break through,” replied the fifth forefather with gross disdain.

His companion was speechless. His comrade was too dull for his own good.

“Ole Fifth, did you think about the possibility that Bloodreed would tell the humans about our kind’s secret? If the humans learn about our internal conflict, they’ll hound us to no end. We don’t have many troops available right now, and we haven’t grown stronger yet. This is the most dangerous time for us.”

His words silenced the other at the throat. This would indeed be a disastrous development for the celestial demons, should it come to pass.

“Look over there, Ole Fifth.” Fourth’s tone became rather peculiar all of a sudden. He patted Fifth on the shoulder, then pointed forward.

An apparently unconscious Bloodreed lay in a bed of grass before them. There was less breath going into him than coming out.

“Is that him?” Fifth asked in a low voice.

“Certainly. I wonder if he’s pretending to be dead?”

“Let’s go see. He’s seriously injured. Why should the two of us be scared of him? We can kill him from this range ten times over,” asserted Fifth without being too concerned.

“But did he end up meeting the humans?” Fourth interjected. “If he has, this might be a trap.”

Fourth’s worries were far from unfounded.

A faint smile sounded in the distance as soon as he voiced his concern. “You’re pretty smart. This is indeed a trap.”

Space froze for a moment, then rushed to reconfigure itself to accommodate a newcomer.

“Who is it?” Both celestial demon forefathers sprang to alertness, placing their backs upon one another’s in readiness for a fight.

Laughing freely, Jiang Chen walked out from nothingness. “How naïve of you to be so relaxed when you’ve been in my territory for quite a while. What kind of host would I be if I didn’t come out to greet my guests?”

The two celestial demons colored when they saw him.

“Jiang Chen!”

“In the flesh.”

Fifth glanced at Bloodreed. “Bloodreed,” he spat viciously, “you’ve stooped so low as to betray demonkind for humans?”

Bloodreed sat up lazily. “Me, betray our race?” he sneered back in kind. “You’re the real traitors of our race. Your ruthlessness has forced my hand! Daoist Jiang Chen, this is your best chance to get rid of these two fools. Don’t tell me you can’t do something so trivial!”

“You prattle on too much,” Jiang Chen shot back coldly.

He had more than sufficient strength to slay one of the forefathers. The four sacred beasts united could hunt down the other. Moreover, their two targets had been taken by surprise. The sacred beasts’ domain was just as strong as the celestial demons’ now.

“Get them!” he commanded without further ado.

The sacred beasts pounced forth into the air. As their cultivation increasingly grew, they understood a multiplicity of the intrinsic truths of heaven and earth, including various bits of knowledge about formations. As such, they became much more formidable over time.

Their attacks evoked the furor of thunder and lightning, of the heavens and the natural elements. They commanded power beyond the two celestial demon forefathers’ imagination.

Long Xiaoxuan’s draconic fang and claw roiled the clouds and rent the earth asunder. A storm began to brew thanks to his presence.

The Astral White Tiger was an all-destroying blade that sliced in twain anything it touched.

The Vermilion Bird’s wings blotted out the sun. Its fires were hot enough to burn the very air itself, to outshine the radiance of the sun and moon. Its inner flames conjured marvellously spectacular weather all of its own.

Not to be outdone, the Black Tortoise brought tremendous gravity and its Festering Gas to the table. Its noxious mists were penetrating to the soul.

The four sacred beasts struck with a variety of abilities, yet their moves formed an astoundingly harmonious whole.

Previous Chapter

Next Chapter The two celestial demon forefathers felt like the sky was caving in. They knew that humans made for difficult enemies, but their knowledge prior to now had only been tangential.

Though they had absorbed many of the demon forefathers’ strengths, the energies from their feast remained unrefined within them, contributing almost nil to their current prowess.

The four sacred beasts alone gave them a hard time. Jiang Chen’s participation exhausted and terrified them.

The two attempted to call for help using their race’s secret method.

“Daoist Jiang Chen,” Bloodreed called out, “they’re trying to summon other celestial demons. You need to take care of them fast, or you’ll have more of them on your hands to deal with!”

“I don’t need you to tell me that,” harrumphed Jiang Chen.

The True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire was already in motion as he spoke, nimbly weaving itself between the sacred beasts’ attacks to fly toward the fifth forefather.

Fifth was already quite busy from having to dodge the four beasts’ blows; he failed to notice the rope that crept up beneath his nose.


The rope enclosed him in like two agile serpents, wrapping itself around his limbs eight times.

“Huh?” Fifth realized the problem too late. “Help me, Ole Fourth!”

The fourth forefather wanted to help him, but he was in enough trouble as was. He had no energy to spare for aiding his comrade.

It was nearly impossible for the fifth celestial forefather to escape the True Dragon Rope once captured. A single hand seal from Jiang Chen called the rope over, its prisoner dragged in tow. The celestial demon was dumped at the young man’s feet like a dead dog.

Jiang Chen slammed a palm down without ceremony, crippling the forefather’s cultivation.

Then, he cast his golden bell at the fourth forefather. The instrument’s ancient runes glowed with a threatening light.

Aghast, the fourth forefather was trying to evade when the sacred beasts’ assaults finally found their mark. With a resounding boom, he was completely destroyed, both body and soul. Not a single mote of dust was left of him.

Jiang Chen knew how adept celestial demons were at reviving and regenerating. It was mandatory when dealing with them to eradicate every trace of their soul and consciousness, so as to leave them no room for future recovery.

He didn’t want future problems down the line.

Jiang Chen’s swift smackdown dispatched two celestial forefathers in mere blinks of an eye. Bloodreed was shaken by the sheer spectacle.

He hadn’t expected such fearsome strength from humanity. It seemed that the demons’ crushing defeat wasn’t necessarily due to poor leadership after all.

Jiang Chen’s methods were endless. Was an opponent like him really beatable? The blood demon could only sigh.

He considered himself no longer part of the demons, however, and cared only for the celestial demons’ demise.

“Congratulations, Daoist Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, the celestial demons have four forefathers left. If they can’t be stopped from cultivating, they will be a significant threat in due time. That’s the nature of their secret method, alas.” Bloodreed offered both laudation and warning.

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