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“Ye-yes my lord, We came across a Class 5 Magical Beast in the Magical Beast Mountain Range.” The soldier’s voice began to tremble as his face drained with color.

Even Jian Chen’s face had hardened as he heard the words of a Class 5 Magical Beast being sighted. A Class 5 Magical Beast rivalled an Earth Saint Master in strength, but they had a natural superiority over humans and could easily fight against them. Unless a person had an extremely strong battle skill, they definitely wouldn’t be considered an opponent for a Class 5 Magical Beast. Besides, Wake City wasn’t a city where many Earth Saint Masters came to visit, making a Class 5 Magical Beast almost a paragon without a rival existence to them.

A Class 5 Magical Beast was to an Earth Saint Master what a Class 4 Magical Beast was to a Great Saint Master. There was a clear divide between the two almost as wide as the heavens and earth. In comparison, a Great Saint Master’s strength compared to an Earth Saint Master was like watching a Primary Saint who had just condensed his Saint Weapon fight against a Peak Great Saint. It would be a definite failure for the lower ranking Saint and would be impossible for them to win.

Although Jian Chen had previously killed two Class 5 Magical Beasts in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, that was when both magical beasts were in a severely injured state where they couldn’t even stand up. Their lives were hanging by a thread, but even then, he had paid a hefty price for killing the two of them.

Jian Chen had no doubts that a Class 5 Magical Beast in an optimal state was far stronger than the Earth Saint Master who had chased him from Phoenix City. However, the appearance of a Class 5 Magical Beast only made him feel much greater pressure. That was because he had the azure and violet Sword Spirits to assist him and increase his strength several times over. He was confident that his power was enough to punish a peak Class 5 Magical Beast with his sword, as long as he didn’t encounter any bizarre existences like the Silver Striped Golden Snake.

“Oh no, things are getting worse now that a Class 5 Magical Beast was seen.” Yun Li spoke with a hardened face. His eyebrows furrowed together in thought before finally muttering, “No, this won’t do. Our Wake City is too weak to defend against the attack of a Class 5 Magical Beast. I must ask a King City immediately, otherwise Wake City will suffer tremendous damages.”

Up to now, there was no hesitation from Yun Li as he immediately strode outside without even looking back at Jian Chen. A Class 5 Magical Beast was definitely a fatal enemy to Wake City’s existence and could not be taken lightly. So, this matter had to be the first thing resolved and have some high leveled experts come deal with the Class 5 Magical Beast straight away.

Lord Yun Li exited the room and went to his study where he grabbed a brush and paper to immediately start writing a message on it. After he was done, he immediately rolled it up into a cylinder and tied it with a piece of string.

“Bring the fastest messenger bird we have to bring this to Monarch City’s lord immediately!”

“Yes my lord!” Immediately a soldier came in and quickly took the letter before leaving the room once more.

“This is an order, from this moment on, the appearance of a Class 5 Magical Beast will be kept a secret from everyone. And in the meanwhile, do not travel out by yourself and bring the leader of the Wake City’s Mercenary Union branch here. Finally, keep a close eye out on the activity of the Magical Beast Mountain Range.” Yun Li commanded to every guard he had before striding away.


The news of a Class 5 Magical Beast appearing had stunned everyone who had initially heard the report, but Yun Li had no intentions of announcing this to the public. He was afraid if that happened, then many people would be too intimidated by the beast and decide to leave Wake City in order to save their own necks. If this happened, then Wake City’s defensive strength would plummet to the point where the city would eventually be flooded with magical beasts.

Right now, Yun Li had only one hope. He could only hope that a few experts would come help with this Class 5 Magical Beast. In this case, then the Class 5 Magical Beast would be able to be defended against and they could avoid disastrous losses.

Jian Chen left the lord’s mansion by himself in thought. Although a Class 5 Magical Beast gave him plenty of pressure, it didn’t affect him too much. In fact, he had secretly wantedawaited for one to come. Since his azure and violet Sword Qi was able to shred through the defenses of a warbeast that was reputed to have the same level of defensive power as an Earth Saint Master as if it was tofu, it could be seen clearly that the azure and violet Sword Qi were insanely powerful. If it was that effective on a warbeast, then what type of result would it have on a Class 5 Magical Beast?

Following the route he had memorized back to the Kai clan, he quickly entered the courtyard Kai Er had allocated for the Flame Mercenaries to live in temporarily.

The Kai clan was a thirty year old clan and so the information it had collected on others couldn’t compare to the Zhou clan. Thus, the guards of the clan only numbered around a hundred. Under the supervision of the armored Kai Er, another group of guards would patrol around the Flame Mercenaries’ courtyard.

This was a standard four sided courtyard with three sides being a residential area and the last side being the front gate. In the middle there was a large patch of grass where a few dozen Flame Mercenaries sat in small groups and chatted among each other.

The moment Jian Chen had arrived, everyone in the vicinity snapped their mouths shut and immediately stood up to greet him with shouts of “Captain!”.

Staring impassively around himself, he spoke, “Seth, Duo Kang, Charcas, Mo Tian, and Qingfeng, have the five returned yet?”

“Captain, those five haven’t come back yet. I think they’re dealing with their own mercenary groups.” A thirty year old mercenary responded.

Suddenly, a voice called out behind him as a servant of the Kai clan suddenly came running towards Jian Chen. There was a fearful tint in his eyes as he approached before stopping right in front of Jian Chen. “My lord, the Golden Dragon Mercenaries and Charcas Mercenaries…”

Before the servant had even finished speaking, Kai Er waved his hand, “I know already, you may go.”

“Yes my lord.”

Jian Chen smiled at the servant before turning to Kai Er, “Everyone stay here for now. Kai Er, accompany me to see just what surprise the five of them have brought me.” 「 Ya-chan, what about your class? 」

I asked.

「 Who cares about it! I’m skipping today! 」

No, stop.

「 I went back to school with Megu-chan so she won’t find out and came back in a hurry! 」

Oh, she pretended to go back to her classroom together with Megu.

「 Yo-chan’s been busy working in the bakery since the second semester began. So busy that I haven’t done sex with Yo-chan lately 」

Mana, Agnes, and Ruriko go to my bed as usual.

Misuzu and Michi also seek sex without mercy when coming to the mansion.

I stay at Nagisa’s house once a week.

Katsuko-nee and Megu, I have sex with them when I have some free time.

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan, both of them are shy girls, so they decide on the date, meet up and have sex. 1

Speaking of which, Nei and Edie’s count is a bit less than the others.

These two surprisingly are the type that’s considerate of others.

「 Could you two help me out and get ready for after school? 」

「 Sure, Yo-chan 」

Nei smiles

「 Got it 」

Edie laughs like the Cheshire cat.

「 Well then, let’s go to the sleeping room in the back 」

I open the back door of the bakery.

「 It’s not the sleeping room, it’s the sex room, right? 」

Nei jokes.

「 Wrong, Nei. That’s where we’re banged, so it’s the bang room 」

Edie replied with a straight look

◇ ◇ ◇

「 That reminds me, the three of us went to America together during the summer break! 」

Nei said upon entering the sleeping room.

That’s right, Nei, Edie, and me.

The three of us smuggled out of the country and went to the US.

✕ ✕ ✕

Nei came back to Japan with her fake Canadian citizenship.

Najima Yasuko was still missing in the US.

Of course, since it’s a visa, Margo-san leaves Japan to extend the expiration date of it once in a few months.

Nei mentioned that she took an international car license by that time.

Also, Nei’s failure in classes were greatly influenced by her necessity to leave Japan to obtain a visa for a period of time.

[ But you see, in Ya-chan’s case, can’t you just return to the US with a fake nationality, then tear down the fake passport on-site, and then have the Japan embassy reissue Najima Yasuko’s passport and come back with it? ]

I ask Nei before going to America.

[ But you see, I think it’s better to leave with my counterfeit nationality and fake passport so I can use them anytime! ]

Nei replied.

[ Look, Kuromori won’t always be secure you see? ]

We have Jii-chan, a mighty man backing us.

In addition to Jii-chan, Minaho-neesan also holds a large number of customers in the political and business world.

And somehow, we’re a criminal organization overlooked by the state.

Kouzuki SS, a private armed organization, protects us, Kyouko-san, an international criminal who’s a leader of an underground organization secretly supports us too.

[ But, we don’t know if this situation will last forever you see! ]

Jiii-chan and the other customers are of old age.

We don’t know whether Kouzuki SS will protect us after Jii-chan dies.

Shiba-san, the current head of Kouzuki group has no intention of going against the head of Kouzuki house, however.

We can’t really guess how the political balance inside Kouzuki group will change after Jii-chan’s death.

It’s also possible that Shiba-san will be chased out from the group.

[ If another man becomes the head of Kouzuki house, his first plan might be killing Yo-chan! ]

If I die, Misuzu’s free. That man can marry anyone if he wishes.

On top of that, everyone in Kouzuki house knows that I’m in good terms with Ruriko, that we live together in the same house.

To be precise, the pretext is that MInaho-neesan is taking care of Ruriko and Yoshiko-san from Jii-chan.

[ Anyway, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san, the three granddaughters and successors of Kouzuki house are all under the care of Kuromori ]

Those who have the ambition to lead Kouzuki house have their eyes swelling over Minaho-neesan and me.

[ Mii-chan and the girls will still need ten years to become adults and be in a position to control the center of Kouzuki house ]

If Jii-chan dies unexpectedly until then, there will be a huge power struggle.

Now, it’s just miraculously balanced.

✕ ✕ ✕

[ Look, if it gets dangerous, what would you do? ]

I asked Misuzu when we went to a resort in the South Sea during the summer vacation.

It was a private beach exclusive for us so, Misuzu’s wearing a white swimsuit.

[ I won’t do anything. Let’s see, I guess I’ll escape with Danna-sama overseas for a while ]

She replied.

[ At worst, we can manage ourselves in 4 to 5 years ]

[ Right. After all, Kouzuki group will lack in unity when they don’t’ have us who have the blood of Kouzuki house ]

Ruriko who’s wearing a bright blue swimsuit with the writing of her name in it tells me and laughs.

[ Either way, they would bow their heads to us and ask us to come back. Until then, we can stay overseas and Misuzu-chan, and I will give birth to Onii-sama’s child ]

They’ll be unable to do anything violent once a child is born, is that it?

[ I’ll keep everyone safe ]

Michi, I know that this is a private beach but why are you wearing nothing but a collar?

You’ll get tan on everywhere other than your neck, you know?

[ I will go anywhere as long as I’m with Ruriko-sama. Please leave the care of Ruriko-sama’s child to me ]

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