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“I’ll kill you sex maniac hoodlum!!”

“If you want to kill me you should first put down the handbrake!!”

“I don’t need your care!”

“What the f**k! You’re being a road killer!!!”

The bright red headlights streaked across the dark roads like lightning, disappearing into the night. Chapter 132-1: Looking for that feelings

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After being busy for a few days, Yang Chen’s life finally returned to normalcy.

Rose was busy reorganizing the west region’s forces. Like a proud queen of the underworld, she got rid of all of the useless leaders and members, and established the new order she had hoped for. On the other hand, Dongxing of the east region was a lot more low-key. Other than expressing goodwill towards Rose, there wasn’t much movements there; as if they had accepted the uprising of the new overlord of the west region.

Situ Mingze was sent to an inconspicuous north European country by Rose. Over there, an old deaf and dumb couple would take care of him for the rest of his life. Not much money was given, but it was enough for him to stay alive. The home wasn’t big, but was enough for him to have a sofa and a television.

When leaving Huaxia, he heard from Little Zhao that Situ Mingze sullenly begged Rose not to send him away. He said that he knew that if he went he’d lose everything.

Rose didn’t let her kindness take over; she knew how important her decision was.

This matter had finally reached an end.

Li Jingjing had invited Yang Chen to a place where she said was mysterious, but they could only go a few days later. She also told Yang Chen that after her mother had striked off the Jiang family, she started to look around for a new boyfriend for her. This gave Jingjing a headache and she felt like moving out.

As for Jiang Shuo and his father Jiang Meng, ever since they received the video which was anonymously sent, they became extremely careful. Every time they saw Li Jingjing in school, the two would smile like tamed pets, and try to curry favor with her. Li Jingjing just pretended not to know what’s going on.

That girl TangTang was finally in her third year in high school. Although she occasionally disturbs Yang Chen with phone calls, she’s been thoroughly controlled by her mother and had no way of coming out to play. This made Yang Chen feel like laughing, for that girl who always acted like a grownup finally learned to be obedient.

The whole of Yu Lei International once again became bustling after the return of Lin Ruoxi, with the approaching autumn fashion show and change of fashion products for the next season, they had to rush. As one of the top fashion companies in the country, Yu Lei International mustn’t lose face.

However, amidst the bustle, something rather insignificant happened.

In the PR Department, the only male other than Yang Chen, Chen Bo had resigned. Comrade Little Chen’s reason for resignation was that PR work didn’t suit him, and he had already decided to work at a publishing house; being an editor suited his character more.

Yang Chen was very clear, the main reason was of Chen Bo’s sister, Chen Rong, who had profited from being by Rose’s side. She had even become Rose’s prospective successor. Therefore, the problem Chen Bo’s family was facing has been solved, and he no longer needed to work for a job he didn’t like for that little bit more money.

Before he left, Chen Bo expressed his gratitude to Yang Chen with tears and snivel, in the end he almost offered his “fragrant lips” as well.

Chen Bo’s departure didn’t cause much sadness to the office, perhaps his presence wasn’t that strong.

Ever since Liu Mingyu took up post as the PR Department Head, she became extremely enthusiastic at working, and no longer had time to idly gossip with the other sisters. An executive must have the prestige of an executive. At the very least, she had to put on airs during working hours.

As for Mo Qianni who was working in the Finance Department, there were very few chances for Yang Chen to bump into her. They bumped into each other in the elevator several times, but all they did was greet each other.

With regards to Mo Qianni’s coldness, Yang Chen felt slightly at a loss, but didn’t mind it too much.

When a pretty lady is helpless inside, an incredibly free man came to her rescue, provided a chest for her to rest on, and let her conveniently wipe the oil on her onto him. When the matter was settled, neither owed the other anything; this was how Yang Chen saw their relationship.

What made Yang Chen not know whether to laugh or to cry was naturally his great wife. In the company, this cold female CEO totally ignored his existence.

That night, Lin Ruoxi originally said that she wanted to be a good wife that wouldn’t let Yang Chen leave her. But unexpectedly, after being provoked by Yang Chen’s “you inside me,” she fell out and no longer gave a damn!

She who had a mind so pure that was unlike a grown woman seemed to truly have gotten angered. From her point of view, Yang Chen’s mind was utterly filthy! Therefore, Lin Ruoxi began to distance herself again. If Yang Chen didn’t say anything, Lin Ruoxi would totally ignore him, so there’s no need to mention any activity in terms of getting closer.

She remained expressionless the all day everyday, and immersed herself in work. The two “textbooks” which Lin Ruoxi bought had been ruthlessly thrown under the bookcase.

Yang Chen asked her, “Do you still want us to be a couple that loves each other?”

Lin Ruoxi directly answered, “Yes.”

“Then why are you fighting a cold war with me?”

Lin Ruoxi seriously replied, “I’m looking for my feelings.”


Yang Chen felt that if he wanted to settle his physical needs with his wife’s body, there wouldn’t be much hope left in this lifetime. Chapter 132-2: Looking for my feelings

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Rosie Gentleman During the day, work remained very relaxed. Other than teasing the other pretty girls and making perverted jokes, all he did was play games. However, ever since Yang Chen learned to play Warcraft and got to know Yuanye, the games he played weren’t just Concentration.

Yuanye was unexpectedly passionate, he practically contacted Yang Chen to battle with him online everyday.

Due to his innate advantage, it was very easy for Yang Chen to beat Yuanye. However, to make the game fun, Yang Chen frequently used some cheese strategies which had loopholes. While making the game more fun, it gave Yuanye more opportunities to win.

Yuanye truly admired Yang Chen’s skill, he thought of the words Yang Chen gave to him as guidance in the past, along with Yang Chen’s unordinary battle prowess. These truly made him want to be friends with Yang Chen. There was no lack of rich scoundrelly kids around him, but when it came to true friends, he had too few.

Yang Chen also gradually felt that Yuanye wasn’t a troublemaking Young Master like in some other rich families. Yuanye may do some silly things, but at least he was more pleasing to the eye. Since Yuanye showed such an amicable attitude, he accepted Yuanye as a friend, and the two gradually became close.

When it was about time to knock off work on Friday, Yang Chen had just finished the last game of the day with Yuanye.

Yang Chen was about to bid farewell on MSN when Yuanye sent him a message.

“Yang-ge, the 9th of the next month is my birthday, I’d like to invite you to my home for the party.”

Yang Chen hesitated, from what he currently knew, Yuanye’s background was definitely one of the ultra-rich. Although he wouldn’t feel pressured from a family background like this, he may end up bumping into ignorant people, a confrontation arising would be bad.

Yuanye seemed to understand Yang Chen’s worry, so he sent another message, “Don’t worry Yang-ge, I’m just inviting some close friends and a few of my family members, there aren’t any of those kind of people that you detest.”

Since he put it that way, it wasn’t good for Yang Chen to reject him, so Yang Chen agreed and cheerfully said goodbye to Yuanye.

Just as Yang Chen turned off the computer and was about to leave the office, Zhao Hongyan who sat closest to him suddenly asked him, “Yang Chen, do you have any plans after work?”

“Nope, what’s up?”

Zhao Hongyan said with a smile, “Everybody has been busy since Mingyu-jie’s promotion, and we haven’t celebrated for her. Tonight, Zhang Cai and I made plans to go to Blueberry Bar to celebrate for Mingyu-jie, and we want to invite you to come with us. After all, we’re a group of women and it’ll be boring without a man. Furthermore, it’ll be safer with a man around in a place like a bar.”

Only then did Yang Chen remember that they hadn’t celebrated Liu Mingyu’s promotion. Seeing the imploring gaze of the surrounding pretty girls, he found it difficult to reject, so he straightforwardly agreed to it.

After making a phone call home to Wang Ma, Yang Chen saw Liu Mingyu walk out of her office in off-work clothes. She had mild makeup, let her tied hair down, a tight blue V-neck T-shirt with a white shirt on the outside. Looking delicate and graceful, her mature charm was dazzling.

Noticing Yang Chen staring at her, Liu Mingyu felt slightly contented and asked, “Do I look nice?”

“Department Head Liu deserves to be called the number one beauty in the PR Department.” Yang Chen earnestly said.

“Stop calling me Department Head after working hours, it sounds so unpleasant.” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes at him, and walked out shoulder to shoulder with the other sisters in laughter.

Blueberry Bar was considered one of the famous bars in Zhonghai. Due to its rather elegant decorations and reasonable pricing, it was very popular amongst the white collars in the city.

This was Yang Chen’s first time coming, he followed behind seven female colleagues, and was eyed with envy, jealousy, and hatred by other men because these female colleagues were all exceptional beauties. They were dressed up and all looked pretty in their own right, there were some who were youthful and lively, and some who were mature and graceful. How could they not cause the eyes of this bunch of wolves to light up?

After they sat down on a sofa in the corner of the bar, they ordered over a dozen bottles of alcohol without any fear of getting drunk. The women took off their coats and began to choose their favorite drinks, they didn’t appear lady-like at all.

It’s said that three women were enough for a drama, when seven women are together, there’d naturally be unending chatter. They drank alcohol, ate fruits, and very soon their faces turned bright red with beauty that couldn’t be manufactured.

Yang Chen held onto a bottle of vodka and sipped on it. Ever since he lost control of his mind, he didn’t dare to drink too much alcohol. After all, it would affect his consciousness, Yang Chen didn’t dare to play around with it.

While the women were chattering in laughter, a young man with a handsome face who wore a tight collared shirt and had ear studs walked to the table. He spoke to Zhao Hongyan who was beside Yang Chen, “Sister-in-law, what a coincidence.”

Zhao Hongyan who was in the midst of laughing froze. She looked at the man and said in an unnatural manner, “Oh, Little Hui. Yeah, what a coincidence… are you also drinking here?”

“I accompanied my girlfriend here, she drank too much and went to the restroom, she may take a while. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to come greet you, sister-in-law, as my girlfriend would get jealous.” The man smiled with a naughty charm.

Next, the misty-eyed Zhang Cai pouted and asked, “Hongyan, who’s this?”

Zhao Hongyan awkwardly introduced, “This is my husband’s younger brother, my brother-in-law, his name is Yu Hui.”

After Yu Hui warmly greeted the ladies, he asked Zhao Hongyan, “Sister-in-law, did you tell my brother that you came out to drink tonight?”

Zhao Hongyan’s pretty face paled. Pursing her lips, she forced a smile and said, “I seem to have forgotten to make a phone call. Luckily, you reminded me, I’ll go call him now.” As she said that, Zhao Hongyan squeezed out of the sofa and quickly walked out of Blueberry Bar.

Yu Hui had a slightly grim smile which lasted only for a short moment. After he greeted them again he followed Zhao Hongyan out of the bar.

Liu Mingyu and the others were rather dazed from drinking, at this moment they looked at each other in dismay but didn’t think much of it. They thought of what happened as just a small misunderstanding.

Yang Chen snorted to himself, put down the bottle of alcohol and said to the others, “I’m going out to get some air, it feels rather stuffy here. You guys carry on drinking.” Chapter 133-1: Sibling-in-law

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Intuition told Yang Chen that Zhao Hongyan must’ve met with trouble. Although the other ladies were drunk and didn’t notice a thing, Yang Chen still noticed the discomfort that appeared on Zhao Hongyan’s face.

It was already autumn and cold wind blew through the streets. Not many people were willing to stroll through the streets at this time. Occasionally, people would walk by, but they passed by quickly.

Walking out of the bar, Yang Chen looked around, but he couldn’t find the figures of Zhao Hongyan and Yu Hui anywhere. This gave him a headache, as he had no choice but to search everywhere……

At the same time, several streetlights illuminated the small car park behind the bar. Zhao Hongyan was wearing a gray knitted coat and a black folded skirt and her black stockings matched well with her mature charm. But right now her face was filled with anxiety, and she seemed to be in a bad mood as she walked to a corner in the car park.

After some hesitation, Zhao Hongyan took out her small phone and prepared to make a phone call. But after finding the phone number, she didn’t dare to dial it and make this call.

“What’s going on, my dear sister-in-law? You don’t dare to call my brother?”

Yu Hui’s voice was heard from behind Zhao Hongyan and it sounded extremely playful.

Zhao Hongyan’s body shivered, and she slowly turned around to face Yu Hui. With a nervous tone she said, “Little Hui, why have you come out? I was just about to make the call.”

“It’s late and I’m afraid that something would happen to you if I left you alone, my dear sister-in-law. Thus I came out to keep watch.” Yu Hui nefariously smiled.

“I’m your sister-in-law, not your little sister. What could possibly happen to me?” Zhao Hongyan lowered her head and made an embarrassed smile. She stroked her hair while her gaze drifted about, afraid to look directly at Yu Hui.

Yu Hui walked a few steps closer, till there was only a meter distance left between him and Zhao Hongyan, and said, “I only have one sister-in-law, and my brother only has one wife, how can I not be worried? Sister-in-law, don’t mind me, it’s better if you gave my brother a call and let him be at ease.”

“You… you return first, I’ll make the call.” Zhao Hongyan’s breathing was disorderly.

“Why must I go in? Are you saying that you have to conceal something from me when calling my brother? Or are you… guilty because you didn’t plan to make the call at all?”

“Yu Hui!” Zhao Hongyan’s face was flushed. She raised her head to stare back at the young man who wore a strange smile, “What do you mean by that!? How can you speak to me, your sister-in-law, like this!?”

Yu Hui didn’t seem to care about what she said as he snorted and replied, “Sister-in-law? I’m only calling you sister-in-law because I’m showing you respect…… Zhao Hongyan, you really think that by marrying my brother you’ve become our Yu Family’s mistress? What are you pretending to be mighty in front of me for? Why don’t you think about what your status actually is?”

“I never thought about it like that, don’t slander me!” Zhao Hongyan shouted back, her eyes were moist with tears from being wrongly accused.

Yu Hui became more excited and complacent, “I don’t care what you think. I just know that if I tell my brother you went drinking at a bar without informing him, and that there’s a man with you, how will he react?”

“We’re just colleagues, is there a problem having a drink together!?”

“The key point is that my brother wouldn’t think the same way. I seem to recall that he hates that you go to bars and clubs the most. Don’t tell me that you told my brother that you were going to a restaurant today or something.

Zhao Hongyan’s pretty face paled, her lips were slightly parted, yet she couldn’t say a thing. She had indeed told her husband that. But it was truly unexpected that Yu Hui happened to appear in the same bar……

Once she imagined what would happen if her husband found out that she drank at a bar, Zhao Hongyan’s mind was overwhelmed with fear. She felt that her legs couldn’t stand stably.

Yu Hui walked two steps closer, seemingly about to stick his body against Zhao Hongyan’s. He sniffed the mix of alcohol and body fragrance on Zhao Hongyan’s body. With a mean glint in his eyes, he asked, “Do you know what would stop me from telling my brother?”

Zhao Hongyan blushed. She was able to make out what this man was referring to and she quickly took two steps back. However, behind her was the cold and solid wall. She was cornered……

Yu Hui coldly snorted and fiercely pushed both his hands forward. He pressed Zhao Hongyan against the wall, making it difficult for her to move.

The distance between the two of them was so close that they could feel each other’s breath.

Under the dim lights, Zhao Hongyan’s fair and slim face was flushed as she was both nervous and humiliated. The way her tears filled her eyes evoked pity from others. Her full breasts repeatedly heaved and revealed a captivating arc. The fragrance of her slightly tipsy body was unendingly released to the air.

Yu Hui greedily sized up his mature sister-in-law, “Speak, do you want me to tell my brother, or will you yield to me?”

Zhao Hongyan shook her head bitterly, “Little Hui, you can’t do this, I’m your sister-in-law……” Chapter 133-2: Sibling-in-law

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