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“Then I’d like to see how miserable my ending will be.” Qi Su had seen shameless people before, but he hadn’t seen someone shameless to this extent. It was no wonder the current General Li would become a jackal in the same tribe with Consort Qin.

“Impudent!” General Li loudly shouted and the few puppets moved. Their ice-cold gazes coldly stared at General Li, with an expression seemingly like looking at a dead man.

General Li’s expression suddenly changed. Sensing the aura these few puppets radiated, he fiercely sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Qi Su, you’ll pay the price for your actions of today!” After saying this, he waved his hands and said in a stern tone, “Let’s go.”

A wise man submits to circumstances! With the powerful Imperial Family, how could they be helpless in dealing with Qi Su? The matter of vital importance now, was to return to the palace and report this to Consort Qin!

In a luxurious and unique imperial palace, a beautiful woman lazily leaned on a chaise lounge, with two palace maids fanning her at one side. There was even someone kneeling while holding the teacup and quietly waiting for her consumption.

This beautiful woman was extremely gorgeous, with supple skin and brows similar to half-moons, looking sweet-tempered at a glance. However, her seductive pair of eyes instead contained a malicious intent.

“Mother.” Suddenly, a seven to eight-year-old little boy bounced and hopped as he ran in. Burrowing into the beautiful woman’s embrace, he looked up and asked, “Mother, why isn’t Father dead yet?”

If his words were overheard by the officials in the court, it would certainly cause a massive commotion. However, those who were in this palace were her trusted aides and naturally, they didn’t need to restrain themselves.

The beautiful woman lowered her eyes and gently stroked his head, while the malicious intent was replaced with an indulgent look.

“The physician has diagnosed that your father only has a few months left. Don’t tell me you aren’t even willing to wait that long?”

The little prince pouted, seemingly arrogant and willful. “If he passes away earlier, this Liufeng Kingdom would be mine. At that time, I’ll ruthlessly torture that slut Mu Xuexin! Who told her to snatch away Father’s love from me?”

Like mother, like son! How much better could the son be, when he had a mother with this kind of moral integrity?

Although the little prince was still young, he had long hated Mu Xuexin deep within his bones under the influence of Consort Qin’s teaching. It was to the extent that he even hated his father!

“Do you really wish for your father to die?”

“Of course!” The little prince held his head high and his chest out. “I’m Father’s only son yet he doesn’t even shower me with love. He only cares about that slut Mu Xuexin! As his son, I should be the one he pampers and why pamper a daughter? Everyone knows that daughters are spilled water and it’s useless to care for them. In any case, they are to be married in the future.”

Consort Qin’s gaze was comforting. “What my son thinks is correct. It is just that you can’t casually say this in public as there are many ministers who stand in Mu Xuexin’s faction. To prevent side issues from arising, there are some things we should keep in our heart.” “Yes, Imperial Mother. Your son understands.”

The little prince buried his head in Consort Qin’s embrace and grumbled. “Imperial Mother, those ministers are still trying to save Imperial Father and they don’t even treat me as the Emperor! Aren’t they stupid? I’m the only son Imperial Father has, and who would be the Emperor if not me?”

In any case, this position would certainly be his and no one could vie with him.

“Since my son very much wishes for his death, I shall think of methods for you. Right now, head towards your Imperial Father’s palace and remember, cry the moment you see your Imperial Father, to show your filial piety. Imperial mother will settle the rest for you.”

Consort Qin lowered her eyes while a ruthless glint flashed across. The little prince no longer pestered her and retreated after bowing. Looking at the little prince’s departing figure, a sinister trace surfaced in Consort Qin’s eyes.

“Men, summon Imperial Physician Yu!”

“Yes, Consort Qin.” A palace maid retreated after hearing the orders.

A moment later, a middle-aged man slowly walked in with the palace maid’s lead. After he walked in, Consort Qin dismissed her servants and a cold glint streaked across her narrowed eyes. “Imperial Physician Yu, I want you to make the Emperor die three days from now!”

Imperial Physician Yu was startled as his astonishingly looked at Consort Qin. “Consort Qin, you…”

You can’t wait any longer?

That’s right, the reason why the Emperor fell sick was related to Consort Qin.

Originally, the Emperor’s health had been in decline ever since the Empress’s passing, to the extent of being bedridden. Of course, if he were to carefully nurse his health, it wasn’t impossible to recover. However, Imperial Physician Yu, who was the leader of the physician court was on Consort Qin’s side!

He had no alternative options as Consort Qin had discovered his weakness and so, he could only vow his loyalty to her. As Imperial Physician Yu deliberately caused the Emperor’s condition to worsen, it resulted in him being unconscious.

“That’s right,” Consort Qin smiled and said, “Who told this dog Emperor to favor his daughter instead of his son? Also, he has been unwilling to make my son the crown prince. Therefore, he brought this situation upon himself! Imperial Physician Yu, help me this one last time and after my son successfully ascends the throne, you won’t be treated unfairly! Furthermore, I can make the decision and gift you the hundred-stalks spirit herb!”

Traces of greed flashed across Imperial Physician Yu’s eyes. To him, position wasn’t important and spirit herbs were what he wanted the most.

He previously secretly stole spirit herbs of the physician court and was discovered by Consort Qin’s men, and thus joined her faction. After all, if this incident were to be known by the Emperor, what awaited him was not only losing his standing but also being trapped in prison!

“What orders does Consort Qin has?”

“When giving his medicine today, add another stalk of poison herb that’ll cause his death three days from now. I believe Imperial Physician Yu has the method to make it undetectable and prevent others from knowing.”

Imperial Physician Yu was silent for a moment and asked, “Why three days later?”

“Because I want the blame for the Emperor’s death by poisoning to be shifted to that slut Mu Xuexin!”

Consort Qin never met the previous Empress but from Mu Xuexin’s appearance, it could be seen how devastatingly gorgeous the Empress was. As a result, the Emperor hadn’t been able to forget her for many years. It was also because of this that Consort Qin’s hatred for Mu Xuexin was much deeper!

It had never occurred to her that it wasn’t due to the Empress that the Emperor wasn’t fond of her, but instead, due to her being incapable of attracting the Emperor’s attention.

Imperial Physician Yu’s heart turned cold and he unconsciously sighed. It seems like with the Emperor’s death, Consort Qin would no longer tolerate Mu Xuexin… Imperial Physician Yu did not linger for long before General Li entered in haste with an unsightly expression. “Consort Qin, the spirit-gathering medicine store manager is Qi Su, and that son of a bitch was too much! He actually dared to humiliate the Imperial Family in public, completely not placing any importance on the Imperial Family.”

Consort Qin’s eyes darkened. “You failed the task of closing down the spirit-gathering medicine store? Furthermore, that store is related to Qi Su?’

Previously, the spirit-gathering liquid was sold in Fengling Town and naturally, Consort Qin wasn’t aware and neither did Qi Zheng inform her, afraid that the formulation would be snatched by her. However… since the spirit-gathering medicine store opened in Empire City, there was no reason Consort Qin would be in the dark with her capabilities.

“It’s Qi Su that son of a bitch!” General Li gnashed his teeth in hatred. “Not only does he has the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, but he has also produced god-level puppets!”

Puppets in the god-level realm?

Consort Qin’s heart suddenly skipped a beat as a glint streaked across her eyes.

If these puppets became mine, I’ll have the capability to oppose those ministers!

“Summon Qi Su to meet me. He shouldn’t have known that was my order and is pardonable. If he understands that I want the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, he’ll definitely offer it with both hands.” Consort Qin stuck out her chest as she ordered while being on her high horse.

General Li’s expression was somewhat embarrassed. “Qi Su… knows I belong to your faction.”

“What?” Consort Qin’s expression changed. “He knows it’s me yet he dares to do so? I’m his aunt! Does he disregards an elder’s orders now?” This Qi Su was too excessive, without the slightest upbringing. She truly didn’t know how his mother had brought him up!

“Furthermore…” General Li cautiously glanced at Consort Qin, “Before I came, I asked around and heard that Qi Su supposedly had the formulation, but sold it to the Tianqi Kingdom’s Second Prince a few days ago. I believe that this medicine store should be the Second Prince’s.”

Although General Li was stupid, he was aware of what to do. After he left in defeat, he had asked around about the medicine store’s owner. The moment he inquired, he had managed to obtain information…

The Empire City’s locals weren’t aware of Fengling Town’s affairs but they obtained the information from hearsay. As for the rumor of selling the formulation to the Second Prince, it was the Second Prince who deliberately spread the rumor to help Qi Su, with the objective to create a misconception.

If the medicine store was the Second Prince’s, it wasn’t as simple to seize the store by force. Otherwise, it would start a war between two countries and the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses!

Consort Qin nearly spat blood from anger as her beautiful face became twisted. “Qi Su that b*stard sold that formulation to the Second Prince instead of gifting it to his aunt!? The Qi Family has truly brought him up in waste!”

“Your Highness, that b*stard is really too much, to rather sell it to the Second Prince than our Liufeng Kingdom. He’s completely an ungrateful b*stard.” Supposedly, General Li spoke to agree to Consort Qin’s words but who knew he would cause her to become more enraged.

“What do you mean sell to our Liufeng Kingdom? Not only am I the Imperial Consort, I’m also his aunt! Giving me his belongings is to his honor and why should he take money?”

Consort Qin tightly clenched her fists. If Qi Su was before her, she would kill him without a doubt!

“Your Highness, are we to forget about this just like that?” General Li carefully and cautiously asked.

Consort Qin had an ashen complexion as she said, “We don’t have to capability to close down the medicine hall, but Qi Su cannot be forgiven. However, I have something more important and after my son ascends the throne, that will be the day that this Qi Family brother and sister die!” Her face became twisted due to rage and her trembling delicate body radiated traces of cold air.

Comparatively speaking, dealing with Mu Xuexin was more important than Qi Su. Therefore, she would spare his life for the time being!

“General Li, follow me to visit the Emperor!” Consort Qin took a deep breath and stood up from the chaise lounge.

The time for the Emperor to consume the medicine has passed and she was confident that Imperial Physician Yu had succeeded…

Emperor’s bedroom chambers.

The little prince knelt before the Emperor’s bed and cried uncontrollably as if the Emperor had met his end. However, his head had always been buried on the bed and so no one discovered that he was only crying out loud without tears. There wasn’t a single trace of tears on his face.

Of course, the little prince’s heart-wrenching wails caused the ministers keeping watch in the bedroom to be emotionally moved.

“Sigh, the little prince is really filial. He has been visiting the Emperor every day but in comparison, I wonder where the Fourth Princess disappeared to?”

“The Emperor doted on the Fourth Princess the most and right now she is truly being unfilial! She couldn’t even be compared to a single strand of hair on the little prince.”

All the ministers shook their heads and sighed with disapproval in their eyes. As Mu Xuexin hadn’t appeared in the Emperor’s bedroom chambers for a few days, it caused everyone to be bitterly disappointed. After all, the Emperor doted on the Fourth Princess the most!

“Your servant pays her respects to Consort Qin.” A wave of salutation sounded outside the doors. Soon after, Consort Qin entered and slowly walked to the Emperor’s sickbed.

“The Fourth Princess hasn’t come?” Consort Qin’s expression contained discontent. “This Fourth Princess is too much. The Emperor is bedridden and she doesn’t even know to keep guard by his side. Yesterday, she even came looking for me, saying that she is mutually in love with the Qi Family’s Qi Mo, and wished for me to grant their marriage in place of the Emperor.”

“What?” Without a doubt, Consort Qin’s words were similar to a heavy hammer, causing everyone to turn pale from shock.

“The Fourth Princess wishes to marry Qi Mo? Doesn’t she have a marriage agreement with Qi Su?’

“Although Qi Su had been chased out of Qi Family, now the Emperor is seriously ill so how could she be concerned about her relationship and abandon the Emperor without concern?

With this, all the ministers were unhappy with Mu Xuexin’s actions and only a few ministers believed she wouldn’t be so unfilial.

A smile quirked on Consort Qin’s lips as her lowered eyes concealed her complacent smirk. She quietly gazed at the man lying on the sickbed while a cold glint flashed through her eyes.

Your Majesty, since you dote on the Fourth Princess so much and can’t forget about the Empress, your Consort shall send you all to have a family reunion in a few days!

“Fourth Princess!” Just as Consort Qin was pondering how to torment Mu Xuexin, the palace maid’s voice could be heard outside.

Soon after, Mu Xuexin dressed in pink walked in from the doors and spotted Consort Qin standing in the room with a glance. Her eyes then revealed traces of hatred.

“Fourth Princess, you’re finally here,” Consort Qin faintly smiled. “I thought you didn’t care about the Emperor. If so, the Emperor would’ve wasted his doting on you.”

Mu Xuexin snorted. “Does keeping watch by Imperial Father’s side represent my filial piety? If you have the spare energy, why don’t you think of how to save him?”

“Then has the Fourth Princess found any methods to cure the Emperor?” Consort Qin’s eyes flickered as she gently asked.

Mu Xuexin bit her lips. “I haven’t found any right now, but I will do my best to save him!”

“Is that so?” Consort Qin sneered and the mocking in her eyes was obvious. Those ministers present could no longer continue watching and couldn’t help but criticize her. “Fourth Princess, the Emperor doesn’t have many days left and on the account that he doted on you for numerous years, it’s better if you stay guard by the Emperor’s side these few days. The one speaking was Liu Yue’s father, the cabinet minister Liu Yi.

“That’s right,” Grand Tutor Jiao also cast a disapproving gaze at Mu Xuexin. “What Lord Liu says is reasonable. Upon arriving, you found fault with Consort Qin and the little prince. However, Consort Qin and the little prince had been guarding by the Emperor’s side for many days. In comparison, you were missing for the whole day! What’s even more absurd is that you requested Consort Qin to bestow you a marriage during this situation.”

“Fourth Princess, it’s of your business to have mutual feelings with Qi Mo, but the Emperor is seriously ill and you have the spare energy to care about your relationship? Aren’t you letting the Emperor down?” Liu Yi furiously said while revealing a grieving expression.

All of a sudden, Mu Xuexin widened her eyes.

She was mutually in love with Qi Mo? And even requested concubine Qin to bestow a marriage? Could this woman be more shameless?

Instantly, Mu Xuexin furiously glared at concubine Qin. “Consort Qin, a shameless person like you dares to tarnish my reputation? When have I ever been mutually in love with Qi Mo? Clearly, it was you who wanted to gift me to Qi Mo as a concubine!”

Following Mu Xuexin’s voice, all the minister’s sight gathered on Consort Qin’s face.

Consort Qin covered her mouth in shock and cast a painful gaze at Mu Xuexin. Her expression was just like she was blaming Mu Xuexin for framing her.

Of course, at this moment, Consort Qin fiercely pinched the little prince’s leg while everyone wasn’t paying attention. Immediately, tears flowed down from his face as he pounced towards Mu Xuexin.

“Bad woman, you’re framing my mother! I personally witnessed you and cousin Qi Mo bantering flirtatiously! I also saw you kneeling before my mother to ask about a marriage!” His fists fiercely struck Mu Xuexin.

It was reasonable to say that Mu Xuexin could have sent the little prince flying with one hand but at this moment, the aura radiating from General Li prevented her from moving. As his aura was only aimed at Mu Xuexin, others hadn’t noticed it.

“Bad woman, father’s doting is wasted on you! You’re the Imperial Family’s misfortune, a disgrace!” The little prince’s fists fiercely hammered on Mu Xuexin. She sucked in a cold breath from anger and viciously glared at the little prince.

However… she hadn’t moved in the slightest, but the little prince’s body suddenly fell back with a bang as he fell on the ground.

“Imperial Son.”

Consort Qin hastily went up and supported the little prince. She glanced at Mu Xuexin with bitterness and said, “Previously you came looking for a marriage and even asked me to shoulder the blame by saying I am the one who forced you to marry. As such, you wouldn’t be blamed for being unfilial. However, I’m honestly unwilling to witness the Emperor being so pitiful and so, had revealed this matter.”

“However…” Tears spilled from Consort Qin’s face. “I never expected you would make false accusations and even framed me as such. Just because I had exposed your true colors before everyone?”

“It’s fine framing me, but why did you raise your hands against my son? He’s still a child and no matter what mistakes he has done, how could you, as his sister injure him?”

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