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“Very well, let’s wait here for him to come then!” Moye announced.

Meanwhile, Battle Wolf took a break after they had successfully infiltrated into the central area. When they heard about the death of Li Zhedao, they were gripped by a fit of dismay. What was the use of defeating the dark lord if they couldn’t handle Patroclus? Were they simply doing Patroclus a favor?

“What a tyrannical Immortal Art!” Han Juntian gasped out. This was an Immortal Art that was far from ordinary. Purifying all of those living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland in one go was just absolutely inconceivable before this point! He could sense an extremely strong power of the Buddha clan emanating out of this Immortal Art.

Compared to the Good and Evil Buddha Sect, it was just equally formidable, if not even more mystifying.

Looking at the living beings that were purified down below, Lin Fan let out a grin. “Grandmaster, now that these living beings have been purified, we’ll let the Moon Shadow Mainland kill amongst themselves. That would serve to help preserve the resources of our Endless Mainland.”

“Indeed!” Han Juntian nodded his head, feeling that everything Lin Fan had just said truly made sense.

Lin Fan looked at the Northern region. “By now, all of the sects in the Northern region have withdrawn. As for those that didn’t manage to leave, they have all been turned into ice sculptures. I wonder if those elders, the Grandmaster, and the Old Masters of the Emperor Dao Sect who had been turned into ice sculptures could be reverted to their states before.”

Seeing the might of this Master God of the Moon Shadow Mainland, Han Juntian was unnerved right now. For someone to be able to freeze up powerful beings of Immortal King state, how strong did they have to be? This wasn’t something that any ordinary Master God would be able to do.

However, now that that Master God had been injured by Lin Fan, it might not be too soon before she could recover.

The two of them arrived at the skies above the Emperor Dao Sect. The Grandmaster and those Old Masters who had been frozen into ice sculptures were lying on the ground motionlessly. Even though the ice had already melted off, there was no way of telling if they were dead or alive.

Han Juntian’s brows furrowed. “Are they dead?”

“No.” Lin Fan shook his head. As he pointed out his finger, a stream of life force gushed out of the Heavens and entered their bodies.

Gradually, the bodies of the Grandmaster and Old Masters of the Emperor Dao Sect started changing slowly, until it was followed by sounds of breathing eventually.

The Grandmaster of the Emperor Dao Sect was the first to bolt up as he sucked in a huge breath of air. “I’LL FIGHT YOU TO DEATH…!”

But when he finally realized what was going on around him, he was somewhat stumped. “What’s going on here?”

“Brother Ning Dao…” Han Juntian landed down from the void and heaved out a huge breath of relief. The fact that the Grandmaster and the Old Masters of the Emperor Dao Sect were not dead was the best possible outcome they could possibly wish for.

Otherwise, this would have been a tremendous loss for the Endless Mainland.

What sort of existences were Immortal Kings? Even if they could not defeat the strongest Master Gods out there, they could still ensure the safety of a part of the world at the very least.

“Brother Han?” The Grandmaster of the Emperor Dao Sect looked over at Han Juntian as his face lit up. But, it was filled with bewilderment soon after. “What’s going on over here? Where has that witch gone to?”

Lin Fan spoke up, “Grandmaster Ning, that Master God has left with injuries.”

Ning Dao looked closely at Lin Fan. It took him a while before his face changed and he gasped out, “Lin Fan?”

Lin Fan sniggered out. Seemed like he was still rather famous after all, such that even some of the major sects knew about his name. He then nodded his head back to greet Ning Dao.

Ning Dao’s gaze surveyed his surroundings as it was gradually filled with an enraged look. He then asked, “What about my disciples…?”

Lin Fan shook his head. “The strength of that Frost Master God was way too strong. Given the strength of those disciples, there was no way they could have defended against her powers. Their life forces had long dissipated out from within their frozen ice forms. It is because your powers are stronger that you were still able to hold out. But, if things were to delay further, I’m afraid you guys would have probably ended up the same way as well.”

The hearts of the Grandmaster and those Old Masters of the Emperor Dao Sect were filled with wrath. To think that as one of the nine sects, they would be destroyed by a single Master God of the Moon Shadow Mainland. Even though they themselves were still alive right now, but those disciples of theirs…! Hais!

Han Juntian continued, “Brother Ning Dao, fellow Old Masters, this is a critical period for the Endless Mainland right now. We must no longer operate like a plate of scattered sand. I feel that we should gather and stand against the Moon Shadow Mainland together.”

Ning Dao nodded his head. Queen Of The Sea “Alright! Now that those darned Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland have caused my Emperor Dao Sect to be destroyed, if I don’t seek revenge for those disciples of mine, how am I befitting of being their Grandmaster?”

Han Juntian nodded his head as well. “Right now, we already have several major sects that are gathering one after another so that we can discuss about the big matters on hand. Take this Northern region for example. There are so many sects that are either dead or escaping with their lives. If we are to continue letting the Moon Shadow Mainland eat us up as such, it will be too late by the time we come to realize what’s happening.”

At this point, Lin Fan felt a tremendous amount of pressure setting in. If he had not met the Frost Master God, he would not have felt this way. But now that he had, he was truly feeling the stress. The strength of that Frost Master God was truly far from ordinary. In front of her, he found even himself completely useless and incapable of fighting back at all.

If there were other Master Gods of that level within the ranks of the Moon Shadow Mainland, what was he to do?


Naruto: Codenamed ’Kyubi’ Absolute strength!

That was the only thought running through Lin Fan’s mind at this moment – he wanted to raise his strength as quickly as possible. Once it was to reach a certain state, he would be able to defend against all troubles that they were to face.

Lin Fan commented, “Let us take a short separation from this point first. After this matter, I’m in dire need of finding a way to increase my own strength. Otherwise, if we were to meet with another powerful being that’s similar to that Frost Master God, I’m afraid it’s going to be extremely difficult to fend against them.”

Han Juntian wanted to say something, but when he thought about how Lin Fan had plans of his own, he could only nod his head in agreement.

Given the current circumstances, there was no time available for them to hesitate anymore. If anyone were to hesitate, the only outcome awaiting them was death.

“Alright! But, always remember that your safety MUST come first.” Han Juntian warned.

Lin Fan nodded his head. Without waiting any longer, he dove right into the void. Right now, he was going to look for those Master Gods. He definitely had to think up of some way to have those Master Gods killed.

If he wanted to seek out extremely strong Master Gods such as the War Master God and such, he truly had no way about it. But, he would just kill the likes of the Radiant Master God and the Water Master God he could actually come across without feeling even the slightest bit of pressure.

At this moment in a World of Frost, the void trembled slightly as a figure suddenly appeared suddenly.

The face of the Frost Master God was frightfully pale right now, with fresh blood dripping from the sides of her lips. Her body was quivering slightly as she wobbled out. She had not expected things to turn out as such. That Indigenous Being was simply way too crafty!

“Damned Indigenous Being!” The Frost Master God cursed out in her heart before spreading her arms wide open, causing a surge of frosty winds to gust over from all directions.

In this World of Frost were many ice sculptures fixed on their spots. But, at that moment, those Ice Sculptures were actually showing signs of cracking as their Essence, Spirit, and Vitality gushed out in streams toward the Frost Master God.

This was her method of healing up her own body. The reason why the Frost Master God had kept this many ice sculptures was just so that she could take in all the energy that was preserved behind by these ice sculptures at critical moments as such.

Closing her eyes gently, the Frost Master God was enveloped by ice all over her entire body.

Under this healing energy, that cracked God Core started to regenerate. However, the speed of it was simply way too slow. There was no way of telling when this would actually heal up completely.

After parting ways with Han Juntian and the others, Lin Fan’s priority right now was to look for those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland.

By now, the living beings of the entire Moon Shadow Mainland had already occupied a good half of the Endless Mainland’s territories. Therefore, it was only by going to those places that Lin Fan had the greatest chance of seeking out Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland.

Floating up in the void, Lin Fan felt that it was going to be rather odd going around with this face of his. No matter where he went, he would definitely be recognized by a single look.

But thankfully, he had a mask which could alter one’s appearance as they willed. Even auras and whatnot could be concealed.

Spinning a circle, Lin Fan changed his entire appearance altogether.

‘That’s right!’

With the way he looked right now, there was probably no one who could recognize him anymore. Chapter 466 SubZero City


I appeared in Ba Huang City after getting online, and repaired my equipments. After I went straight to the guild warehouse and stored all the equipments that we got from the Warring States battle. This was the least I can do as the Guild Master.


Wan Er sent a message, “Dong Cheng and I will be waiting in the northern plaza. Let’s go to the new [Zhan Long] territory together. Since it is only a Lv 1 territory right now, we can’t teleport there. We can only walk over…..”


After inviting the miss and Dong Cheng to my party, I walked over to the northern plaza. Wan Er was already standing there in her refined armor. Her cape fluttered as she revealed her long white legs that could cause any men to suffocate. Dong Cheng beside her was wearing a low-cut Mage robe that revealed her chest. Damn. This is too much for me. Especially when two top class beauties like Wan Er and Dong Cheng are wearing these equipments. They were bewitching to the point where countries would go to war just for them.

“Let’s go?” I smiled.

Wan Er nodded. “Ah. Ba Huang City’s rankings were refreshed. Let’s see….”


I opened up the ranking list and as expected, the rankings in Ba Huang City changed dramatically.

1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Level 88] Dragon City Guardian

2. Cang Tong [Level 87] Assassin

3. Yan Zhao Warrior [Level 86] Swordsman

4. Cang Yue [Level 86] Mage

5. Misty Clouds [Level 86] [Four Symbol Guardian]

6. Han Bei Song [Level 85] Swordsman

7. Soaring Dragon [Level 85] Mage

8. Drunken Spear [Level 85] Nature’s Knight

9. Matchless Hero [Level 84] Swordsman

10. Heart of Fire [Level 84] Mage


After that chaotic battle in the Purple Demon Forest, the level rankings in Ba Huang City drastically changed. Top level players like Jian Feng Han, Simple, General Li Mu, Qing Qian, General Wang Jian, and Hero Ran Min all lost 10 levels, and thus left the rankings, while players like Wan Er and Dong Cheng joined. Ba Huang City all entered the top ten rankings. There’s was no other way, after all, those two are so strong. It was because of this that I was anticipating their addition to [Zhan Long] so much, since they would increase our reputation even more. Cang Tong and Cang Yue were the two most popular players in Fan Shu City. Like this, they’ll probably become symbols of [Xhan Long] and will be extremely helpful for us when we recruit new talents.

I looked at the rankings and silently said, “Even players like Heaven’s Hero, Heart of Fire made it into the top ten. It’s completely unfair…. If Melon, Wang Jian and the others didn’t lose 10 levels, how else would Heaven’s Hero, that trash get in….”

Wan Er gripped her little umbrella and walked beside me. She smiled to me, “It’s no matter. Melon and the others can raise their levels up really quickly. Oh, that’s right, the Hermit God Job Change Certificate Quest is S-Tier. Do you want to come?”


I thought about it for a second, then shook my head, “Nah, I’m good. An S-Tier quest difficulty is too low. You and Dong Cheng can finish it. Why don’t you take Melon, Li Mu, Old K Wang Jian, Tang Xue, and Dancing Forest, let them grind a level….”

“Yup yup, I understand….”

I nodded, afterwards I opened up the officers screen, and with my Guild Master status, I opened up the forum and [Zhan Long Hall]. Very soon, [Zhan Long Hall] had 3 names listed

Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Reason for Entry: Founder of [Zhan Long], Current Guild Master

2. Yue Qing Qian, Reason for Entry: Ranked Third in the Battle of Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City, Current Vice Guild Master

3. Cang Tong, Reason for Entry: Ranked Second in Heroes Rising Tournament, Ranked Among the Top Ten in CBN Battlenet, and lead [Zhan Long: Defense Army] to win the Dragon’s Den



Guild Chat Announcement: Congratulations Player [Cang Tong] for becoming the third person to enter [Zhan Long Hall], Reason for Entry: Ranked Second in Heroes Rising Tournament, Ranked Among the Top Ten in CBN Battlenet, and led [Zhan Long: Defense Army] to win over Dragon’s Den! Authorized: Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Guild Master).

At that moment, the guild chat suddenly got lively–

General Li Mu said, “Ha ha, the beauty Cang Tong has entered [Zhan Long Hall]! I’m so jealous! Exactly when can I enter [Zhan Long Hall]. I can’t wait….”

Qing Qian said, “He he, Sister Cang Tong has finally joined [Zhan Long]! I’m so happy, wu, you’re even Vice Guild Master too….”

Dancing Forest said, “Fan Shu City’s two most beautiful girls are joining [Zhan Long]. This really is a great leap for us! Guild Master is amazing, he actually managed to seduce two beauties …”

Wan Er’s face turned bright pink as she said in the guild chat, “That’s not it. It’s just that Li Xiao Yao and I had an agreement a while ago. All I did was dig out some high level players in Fan Shu City to join [Zhan Long: Defense Army], so Dong Cheng and I ended up coming late. I hope that everyone won’t blame us for the tardiness….”

Wolf smiled, “No matter what you say, didn’t the little miss join [Zhan Long] because of Brother Xiao Yao?”

Wan Er’s face became even redder, “I, I…”

Dong Cheng giggled, “Hehe, are you guys just gonna tease our Vice Guild Master like this? Alright already, I admit, I joined [Zhan Long] because of Brother Xiao Yao too. I think of him day and night. I’m just waiting for the day that his mood is right and he becomes friends with me….”

General Bai Qi smiled, “No matter, I can be your friend too! Your male friend!”

Dong Cheng gave a crooked smile, “First of all, Bai Qi, you bastard, I’m not interested in your looks. Next, your personality is far worse than Brother Xiao Yao’s. And for another, you can’t even beat me in games. How are you supposed to be my boyfriend? F minus, get lost!”

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