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At the same time, a huge stone beast that was dozens of yards tall at the bottom of the river got wrapped by his magic power and flung out to the foothills.

Dragon Chasing Technique from Dragon Rearing Scriptures.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign had hurried up from downstream, and along the way he’d seen numerous stone creatures which were River Suppression Beasts. They had been forged by the officials of Eternal Peace Empire, and all kinds of runes were imprinted on them. They were used to suppress the dragon vein in case its tremors caused water hazards.

There were quite a number of extraordinary people in Eternal Peace Empire who could recognize dragon veins so they had ordered skilled blacksmiths to forge River Suppression Beasts to suppress the dragon vein.

Usually, because of them, Surging River’s dragon vein would be obedient. But once they were pulled out one by one, the power of the dragon vein was completely activated.

Other than River Suppression Beasts, there were also a lot of strange items that had been brought downstream, each one of them more bizarre than the other. Dragon Rearing Sovereign tried to avoid them as much as possible so that he wouldn’t meet unnecessary trouble.

The closer he got to Great Ruins, the more and more of those strange items were in his way. Surging River in there actually also had stone statues suppressing it, so it was definitely impossible for Dragon Rearing Sovereign to lift it there.

But his aim wasn’t to take away Surging River, so there was no need to trouble himself with that. He just needed to change the path of the dragon vein and its origin so would become a fierce dragon.

But at that moment, Surging River that was in midair suddenly came crashing down.

Shocked, Dragon Rearing Sovereign stood still, his hands frozen above his head. Suddenly, the river water above transformed into a huge pillar which came stabbing down! Chapter 566: Water Pavilion, Resolving the Mystery

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By this point, Fang Yuan was overwhelmed with awe.

This mysterious Gu Immortal who created Di Qiu inheritance was definitely a grandmaster in terms of refinement attainment. The entire process was using Eighty-Eight True Yang Building’s heavenly power, it was innovative and daring.

Although Fang Yuan was the executor, his role was really that of an assistant.

Refining Gu was hard, refining an Immortal Gu was even harder, it was harder than ascending to heaven!

For a comparable example, a rock has been pushed onto the peak of a cliff by a mysterious Gu Immortal. Fang Yuan is only giving it a final push, easily sending this rock flying towards the ground and crashing, that would be success.

Swish swish swish…

The cave had already formed into a black water spiral. The spiral continued to spin, letting out a weird noise.

Soon after, the tower’s tip appeared, followed by its body and base. From within the spiral, a brand new small tower appeared with seemingly countless Gu worms inside.

“Incredible! With the appearance of this tower, the final loophole is gone. Even if someone comes here due to the commotion, they would not find anything.” Fang Yuan praised as he sighed.


Although the tower was formed, why has the Immortal Gu not appeared yet?

Fang Yuan’s gaze focused, he found that in the small tower, there was a strong light that flickered. There was a weak feeling of connection with it in his heart.

He instantly understood that this was the early stage of the Immortal Gu.

He was about to use this connection to lure the Immortal Gu out.

When suddenly, this strong light escaped like an intangible shadow, towards the southeast direction.

“What happened?” Fang Yuan was shocked in his heart. By now, the four steps of “light in the soil, shine up to a hundred thousand feet high, swimming in the sky for a hundred li, praising plum fragrant snow” had been completed, Fang Yuan did not know what was going on with this sudden change.

“Hei Lou Lan opened up the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building after it formed once more, it was truly a huge move. According to logic, I should be heading to the building to challenge it, that is what a normal person would do…”

The early stage Immortal Gu had flown to a far away place, as Fang Yuan looked at the sacred palace hesitantly.

Although he was outside, he had already made preparations. Be it Chang tribe or Ge tribe, they were sending him real-time information.

The longer Fang Yuan was away from the sacred palace, the more suspicion he would attract. If they were stuck at a stage and needed the Wolf King’s power, some people might come to find him and…

It took time for information to be transmitted.

Fang Yuan had no idea that his enemy Chang Biao helped him indirectly.

At this moment, Tang Miao Ming took great risks and was able to successfully pass the round, causing a huge wave of cheering inside the building.

The Immortal Gu was still the most important matter, Fang Yuan only hesitated for a moment before making up his mind, spreading his wings and chasing after the strong light.

This strong light was like a cocoon, it travelled along the ground at an absurd speed. Because of the trees and bushes shielding it from sight, no one took notice of it.

Fang Yuan chased it in the air, trying to hide his traces as he abandoned the wolves behind, travelling stealthily.

As time passed, this strong light became dimmer, but its speed rose.

Although he was rank five peak stage, his speed was not at the peak of the mortal realm, it was very tough chasing the Gu, but he did not lose sight of it.

In the end, it was because this early stage Immortal Gu was not created solely by Fang Yuan.

Different from when he refined divine travel Gu, Fang Yuan was only an assistant this time, it was all due to the backflow of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building’s heavenly power. He was a mortal, it was already a huge achievement from much effort to be able to gain a connection to the Immortal Gu.

The strong light entered a valley and flew into a waterfall, vanishing.

But using the connection, Fang Yuan could sense that the early stage Immortal Gu was still.

Fang Yuan penetrated the waterfall but collided on the smooth and wet mountain rock. At once, rocks crumbled as water splashed all over the place.


Fang Yuan was confused, the connection in his heart told him that the strong light was inside this water, but he diverted the water flow and even destroyed this waterfall, and yet he could not find a trace of this Immortal Gu.

“Was my effort in vain? No, there is a huge trick here!”

He flew up and observed the terrain.

This small waterfall had already become a pool, it was extremely ordinary. The valley was nameless, it was not a unique location.

Fang Yuan placed his sights on this pool.

The connection in his heart told him that the early stage Immortal Gu was inside, but even if he went through the waterfall, or controlled the water flow, he could not find it.

At this time, the Gu master’s investigative Gu worms would be tested.

Fang Yuan was obviously unresigned, he tried many investigative methods. Although he did not excel in investigation, he controlled Hu Immortal blessed land and had access to treasure yellow heaven, he did not lack rank five mortal Gu.

Only when he tried the fifty-seventh method, after a considerable expense in immortal essence stones did he have a discovery.

Only to see that in the pool, there was the silhouette of a pavilion, it looked like the reflection of the moon in the water.

He entered the water, but did not enter the pavilion.

After trying for several times without success, Fang Yuan gasped, he finally recognised this pavilion after a flash of inspiration struck him.

“Is this the long lost Immortal Gu house – Water Pavilion?”

Immortal Gu were unique, so were Immortal Gu houses.

This Water Pavilion was inferior to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, it was only rank seven. But it had a great reputation, it was the signature method of the Gu Immortal Shui Ni.

Shui Ni was a rank eight Gu Immortal, the legend that created the water path. She was also the creator of one of the top ten sects in central continent, Spirit Affinity House.

In contrast to the grandness of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Water Pavilion could hide itself in the water, becoming like an illusion, it was very mystical. It could move with currents or hide inside mist and fog, flying in the sky. It could even hide in a corner of an iceberg, becoming undetectable.

Without the token to enter the pavilion, Water Pavilion could even repel rank eight Gu Immortals.

But right now, this pavilion was ownerless, its doors were open. Fang Yuan was kept in the dark earlier, but now that he found out the truth, he had the method to enter.

“To enter Water Pavilion, I have to become water. There is a killer move called water spirit transformation, together with a few Gu, I can turn into a water spirit, my battle strength would surge and I would have terrain advantage.”

Fang Yuan searched through his memories and found a method.

But in the end, Hu Immortal land spirit bought a rank five current charge Gu for him in treasure yellow heaven.

This Gu could allow a Gu Master to turn into a water current temporarily and charge for a distance. But it was already outdated in the Gu world, that was because when the Gu Master transforms into a current, he might suffer heavy injuries or even die when hit by a fire path Gu worm.

But Fang Yuan was not using this Gu to battle, it was to enter Water Pavilion, it was more convenient than using the killer move to transform into a water spirit.

With a ‘swoosh’, Fang Yuan turned into a current and rushed towards Water Pavilion.

The pavilion was neither big nor small, it had three layers. It had a rustic flare to it, as the materials used were very ancient, having furniture and drawings.

Once Fang Yuan entered, he kept the current charge Gu and went to the third floor, pushing open a door to find the early stage Immortal Gu.

Only to see that this early stage Immortal Gu was like a thumb-sized cocoon. It was inside a large red bowl at the moment.

This bowl was larger than a water tank, the edges were uneven, looking like a shark’s teeth.

Inside, there was some blue liquid that was oozing with coldness.

“So that’s it.”

Fang Yuan realized at once.

Although the four steps allowed the refinement of the early stage of the Immortal Gu, the Gu was still not complete.

It needed to further nurture and grow.

The mysterious Gu Immortal placed the Water Pavilion here in order to give the early stage Immortal Gu a good place to nurture itself.

There were some words on the large red bowl.

Fang Yuan looked at them and even with his knowledge, he could only decipher a portion of them.

“These are inkman characters, legend says that the splashes of literature water on Book Mountain in Qian Kun Crystal Wall created the first written characters in this world!”

These characters had been lost long ago. Even inkmen barely knew them after being chased out of Book Mountain.

“The Gu Immortals in treasure yellow heaven must have some research materials regarding the inkman language. After all, many Gu Immortals are interested in Book Mountain, they have been searching for the grey-white stone slab in order to recreate Qian Kun Crystal Wall.”

Fang Yuan had a thought and immediately contacted little Hu Immortal.

The value of Hu Immortal blessed land was displayed again, it allowed a mortal like Fang Yuan to use the precious resource of mobilizing Gu Immortals.

The price was hefty, but after exchanging for some information regarding inkman language, Fang Yuan deciphered the words on this bowl on the spot.

The result made Fang Yuan become shocked and excited: “So this inheritance was created by Mo Yao!”

This Mo Yao was a brilliant person, the thirty-sixth generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House. She had a special identity, she was an inkman.

But eventually, she broke the limits of her race, and became a rank seven Gu Immortal.

She made tremendous contributions to the righteous path, and used her love to reform a huge demonic character ten thousand years ago, Sword Demon Bo Qing.

Bo Qing was a lone cultivator, he had a lowly start but his talent was superb, he created sword path Gu worms singlehandedly, and roamed the five regions without any obstruction or anyone that could match him.

He was among the most brilliant rank eight peak stage experts in history. He had great battle strength that shook the heavens, his sword path Gu worms were innovative and special, they had great strength. He was known as ‘the pseudo-Immortal Venerable who split the five regions with his sword, it was fortunate for the people in the world that love changed him’.

It meant that: This person had great battle strength, only inferior to the Immortal and Demon Venerables of each era. Thankfully, because of love, he changed from demonic to righteous, it was truly a fortunate thing for all life in this world!

Back then, Bo Qing was even a hot favorite for the person to advance to rank nine.

But eventually, he failed when trying to get to rank nine and turned into ashes. As his wife, Mo Yao resisted with her life, and eventually died with him.

“In history, Mo Yao was a true refinement grandmaster. No wonder… back then when Giant Sun Immortal Venerable recruited concubines, the ten central continent sects provided beautiful female Gu Masters. Among them, Spirit Affinity House sent numerous female Gu Immortals into the palaces, as an offering to the Immortal Venerable. Between the concubines that gained Giant Sun Immortal Venerable’s favor, a few were from Spirit Affinity House.

As an insider, it was no wonder that her understanding of the sacred palace and Eighty-Eight True Yang Building greatly surpassed ordinary people.

Mo Yao was the thirty-sixth generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House, she was naturally nurtured fully by Spirit Affinity House, it was easy for her to investigate the hidden secrets about Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

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